For the past 19 years, Toll Brothers has held a BIG fund-raising event.

While the name of the event has changed over the years, our dedication to raising money has not!

An article by guest blogger Anna T.

I was brought on board to help out with this wonderful event that Toll Brothers holds every year in support of the American Cancer Society and Abramson Cancer Center – Monte Carlo Night. This year marks its twentieth anniversary (or better yet, birthday). It’s a night of fancy dresses and tuxes, casino tables, good food, live music, dancing, and a little friendly competition to snag that most raved about auction item; and, it’s all in the name of helping fund cancer research.

I’ll admit I had absolutely no idea how much work was ahead of me. I am amazed at the amount of time it takes to log every monetary donation and every auction item donation because yes, there are so many of them. My Toll Brothers family not only digs into their own pockets, but asks the people they work with every day to do the same. Without each and every one of them, Toll Brothers would not have been able to raise over (drum roll, please) ….. $4 MILLION for cancer research.  How amazing is that?!?!  The best part of raising this money is that 100% of it goes towards Cancer Research.

It’s those days when my desk looks like a tornado passed over it, all the other work is glaring at me, and I’m complaining to no end about “not having enough time” that I glance past my monitor and see my parents, both of whom I lost to cancer, looking back at me. I am reminded in that moment that this is about something bigger than me, bigger than Toll Brothers, bigger than all of us in fact. This night is about giving more time to those who truly don’t have enough of it.  It’s about LOVE.  It’s about HOPE. Above all, it’s about LIFE.

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