How to incorporate the ‘it’ colors for 2012 into your Home Decor

So Pantone has once again surveyed the landscape of color and those who influence it in order to flesh out the top color trends of Spring 2012. This year the pastels of spring are bright and playful with names like Tangerine Tango, a bold orange, and Solar Power, a yummy warm yellow. Blues are nodding toward nautical shades with Sodalite Blue, navy blue’s happier, hipper twin, and Cockatoo, a soft blue-green. The softer side of spring is represented by Sweet Lilac and Bellflower, a freshly subtle pink and purple that would make Jane Austen swoon.

Orange, pink and rosy red – they’re just so optimistic and full of hope and happiness – who wouldn’t want to figure out a way to bring them into your home? And whichever colors you are drawn to in the spring palette can be easily and affordably showcased in your home. Here are some various ideas to help you get started:

2012 Colors

Add candles or tea light holders as accents on a coffee table, or scattered in groups of three on a kitchen counter when entertaining. You could also go a little further in the kitchen with place mats, cloth napkins, and a table cloth. Your favorite ‘it’ color would make a big impact here. If you can’t find the color you want then buy white and dye the linens to get the color you desire. Mix the pastels to achieve a striking effect. Don’t stop there, throw pillows are an easy way to extend ‘it’ colors into your living space and tie in with the new colors in your kitchen.

Never underestimate the power of paint; whether it’s a small accent table, a nook or an entire wall, it’s the way to go if you are really going to make a splash with color this spring. If you’re thinking small and subtle, paint your old picture frames. If you are looking to make more of a splash, try painting one of your walls Tangerine Tango to really electrify your decor. Don’t get scared, you can always paint over what you’ve done when you’re ready and if you really hate to paint then you may be able to get your significant other to help and make it a ‘date’. Ok, if you’re not ready to take paint rollers in hand or guilt-trip a loved one into helping you, what about wall decals? They come in so many different styles you are bound to find something that fits your style as well as color choice, and they’re easy to put up.

Look at what colors are in your home already. If you already have some of the beautiful pastels in your space then a quick rearranging in your home may just do the trick. Try to set off anything that’s an ‘it’ color by placing it near complimentary colors. You’ll get more of a ‘pop’ with these colors if your living space is a neutral palette. In a lot of homes bathrooms are mostly neutral so you can really get a great effect here. Start with soaps and dispensers and move to towels. If you can go all out then keep going with bathmats, rugs, and don’t forget the shower curtain too. It’s a big item that is begging for color!

If you really love the colors this spring consider getting a more expensive piece like an accent chair, new curtains or shades, an area carpet, or what about a bed canopy for a master or guest bedroom? The thought of waking up under a Cabaret colored canopy would make any one giddy. Yes, even dark and brooding people can easily get involved in a little happiness with these colors. Have fun and get creative!

How are you going to do invest in a little update this spring?


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