What are the Hot Trends for Choosing Options?

Picking options is probably the most fun and exciting part of building your own home. Builders do such a great job of answering the needs of homeowners with so many new options to choose from each year but how do you know you’re not missing the latest and greatest? To keep it easy and clear, here are a few of the latest trends in options.

For many different reasons, extended families are coming together to live. Whether it’s couples taking care of aging parents or “boomerang” kids coming back home, there is more need for multi-generational housing and builders are responding to this with semi-private suites and extra rooms. Lee Golanoski, Vice President – Architecture, Toll Brothers, notes the need for finished basement spaces or a second floor playroom area as well. Versatility in living space is at the top of the list for current needs.

With extra family in the house, it follows that kitchens need to be bigger to accommodate everyone. Bigger kitchens allow for more socializing and entertaining. Stoves that face out into the common area are also a new trend that allows cooking be a more connected experience. Denise DiBlasio, Manager of Toll Brothers Bucks County, PA Design Studio, says some other hot new trends in the kitchen are java-colored cabinets and the option of choosing from a variety of wood stains and glazes. Two hot glaze colors right now are mocha and ebony. When you place either one of those glazes over a white wood stain, you end up with perfect antique-looking cabinetry. Other popular options are counter depth refrigerators with built in cabinetry to surround it and pantry cabinets instead of pantry closets.

And let’s not forget about the floors. Denise says hardwood is making a big comeback, and hand-scraped wood is extremely popular and high on many people’s wish lists. Also adding hardwood in more areas, even doing the whole house in hardwood is something we are seeing more and more.

A greater emphasis on family, social living and entertaining is a common trend today. Getting more casual and relaxed, providing for parents or grown children and keeping versatility in living space are all at the top of the list for the latest trends in options when you build your home. Toll Brothers provides for these needs with our unique ‘Design Your Own Home’ customization tool which allows you to personalize your dream home from a variety of home floor plans. From gourmet kitchens to guest suites, expanded living rooms and play rooms, you will be able to customize to the exact needs of your family from a wide variety of options.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the choices, Denise offers these tips when deciding on your options:

  1. Make your first Design Studio appointment your wish list or your ‘monopoly money’. You can always go back and take out (options) because it is easier to subtract dollars than add.
  2. When you are deciding on options, it is usually easier to eliminate the no’s than decide on the maybes. Take out what doesn’t work and then keep eliminating until you come up with the winning design!
  3. What is your appetite for change? If you move or redecorate often, say every five to 10 years or so, then go with what’s trendy and popular now. If you don’t enjoy keeping up with all the new trends and intend to stay in your home for a longer period of time, then choose more timeless, traditional options. When you figure out what category you fit in, it helps make the decision process a little less overwhelming.

Are you ready to start selecting your options? Check out Toll Brothers Design Corner for tools, galleries and creative inspiration!

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