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Recently Toll Brothers joined Pinterest, the web’s digital corkboard that hit 10 million users at the beginning of 2012.  Pinterest’s simple design and its visual appeal has made it one of the fastest growing social media sites in the past year. Now that Toll Brothers is on Pinterest, we want you to be on it too. Once you request your invite from or have someone who already has an account invite you, here is some Pinterest terminology you are going to need to know.

Pin– Pins are simply digital images or videos that are uploaded to Pinterest. You can Pin photos from just about anywhere on the web. Each pin is connected to a hyperlink that will bring you back to where you found it.

This is an example of a Toll Brothers pin.

Repin– Once something is pinned on Pinterest, any Pinterest user can repin that picture.  Repinning an image both shares the image with your followers and saves it on your profile. This is how Pins spread virally.

After choosing the image and clicking “repin” this screen will pop up giving you the option of what board you want to place it on your profile and if you want to add or change the caption.


Boards– Pinterest Boards are where your repinned images are saved on your profile.  Each board will have a title and a theme.  This helps to categorize your pins and make them easier to find later.


These are Toll Brothers boards.


So why should you join Pinterest? With a broad range of 32 categories to choose from, Pinterest can provide you with everything from dinner ideas and interior design tips to helpful business charts and amazing travel itineraries.  The images uploaded are easy on the eyes and the simplicity of the site makes Pinterest something relaxing to do in your spare time. Saving pictures or videos on your virtual pinboard makes it easy to go back and view them later or share with friends.

Repin your favorite kitchen or bathroom on your “Dream Home” board so that when you are ready to build, you will already know what you want.  Find decorating tips on our “Interior Inspiration” board and clever ways to go green on our “Toll Green” board. Pinterest is a great way to share creative ideas and beautiful pictures.

Toll Brothers is so excited to be on Pinterest so please join us! We can’t wait to see what cool tips and ideas you repin!


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