GUEST BLOGGER Felicia Ratka: If Your Home Could Speak To You, What Would It Say?

You’re building your dream home. Maybe you’re picking out options to turn your bathroom into a spa retreat or your kitchen into a chef’s dream. You’re creating that perfectly warm and inviting glow for family and friends with just the right lighting fixtures and then you two hear words that bring all that fun and excitement to a screeching halt. Home Security.

Hmmm, what’s so exciting about home security? Secure my home from what, from whom you might ask? I get it. The phrase immediately conjures up negative connotations. But what if I were to tell you that building a home security system for your home isn’t just about securing it anymore and that it can be just as sexy and exciting as picking out that sleek new granite countertop? Ok, well maybe not THAT sexy but stay with me, because I promise – it can be exciting.

Traditional security systems were designed to keep intruders out and protect your home and loved ones. It’s easy to see very little perceived value in home security if that’s all one might believe a security system is capable of when buying a home in safe area or in a gated community. But see today’s security systems have evolved and become so much more. Now they are an inexpensive gateway to being able to stay connected to your home when you aren’t there.

Remote Control of Alarm System

Picture this, you get the kids off to school in the morning, manage to get yourself to work on time then realize you forgot to turn your alarm system on.  Now, with a few clicks from your laptop or a few swipes on your phone or web-enabled tablet you can arm your alarm system in seconds. (Hey, did I mention you were at work when you did that?) Cool, huh? Well, it gets better.

Interactive Services

Have you ever asked yourself, “Self, if my home could speak to me what would it say?”

Would you feel better knowing the minute your children arrive home from school? How about if that notification came with a video clip of them walking through the front door so you know they got home safely? Want to see what new pair of shoes your dog has been chomping on while you are at work? Ok, well maybe you don’t WANT to see that…. but you could.

Do you have family members constantly locking themselves out of the house? Use a mobile app or Internet access to have your security system unlock your front door. You can even turn your lights on or off. Maybe you’re gone for a few days and would like to adjust your thermostat a few hours before arriving home so you walk into a comfortably heated or cooled house. All of this is possible with a home security system.

Today’s alarm systems no longer rely on the fear factor that comes with what their functionality used to be about. While the life safety aspect of security systems will always be invaluable, having an alarm system installed in your home no longer has to be for those who only see value in wanting to keep people out.

We live in a mobile world so what’s better then staying connected to one of the most important investments you might ever make?

Felicia Ratka is the Vice President of Westminster Security, a Toll Brothers subsidiary providing alarm monitoring services in 20 states. Westminster Security offers a wide variety of options, from basic home security to the Total Connectservices highlighted in this piece. For more information on the options and services available in your area contact Westminster Security at 800-957-2522 or visit us on the web at



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