The Hottest Trends in Home Offices

Do you find that you are teleworking or bringing work home more and more often? Many professionals know that the flexibility of working from home is a growing necessity for getting ahead. A recent survey on the subject, run by the project management software company Wrike, found that among 1,000 respondents, 83 percent worked outside the office at least a few hours each week, and for many people that means working at home. Whether your home office is used solely for work, it doubles as a guest bedroom, or worse, it’s tucked in the corner of your family room, this space in your home is here to stay.

With so much work being done at home, it’s no surprise that a hot new design trend for 2012 is the separate home office. Many professionals are capitalizing on the mental and physical benefits of a separate home office. With a workspace that is separate and distinct from the rest of the house, a professional can optimize productivity and enjoy the proximity of family without the distraction.

Toll Brothers has been offering dedicated home offices from the start. With the ‘Design Your Own Home’ customization option that Toll Brothers offers in so many of their single family homes and townhouses, professionals can tailor their office space to suit their individual needs. There is flexible space available on every floor that may be used for an office customized to become the perfect space to get work done outside of the office. Lower levels provide large finished spaces that suit the needs of any home office. With the option of a separate entrance on virtually all the floor plans, the separation from the rest of the home is also possible. From the lower living levels up to the second floor, professionals have a wonderful choice in the loft option for a truly separate, private space for a home office or an artist studio. Flexibility and customization are two important factors to the features Toll Brothers has to offer the work from home professional.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, another hot new design trend is the ‘pocket office’. Toll Brothers has the flex space to accommodate this option which can usually be found positioned on the main living level in high traffic areas, most often near the kitchen or sunroom. The idea behind the pocket office is not the privacy you have with a home office, but a much smaller work area in keeping with smaller technologies families are using such as pads and tablets instead of computers. This office is more of a home management area near the heart of the home where so much family activity takes place. This is the ideal place to pay bills, schedule and co-ordinate family activities, and stay organized.

Whether your needs as a professional are for an office with a separate entrance, a pocket office near the kitchen or both, Toll Brothers can provide beautiful floor-plans and numerous options to give you an exceptional home office experience.

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