A Day in the Life of a Quality Assurance Representative – An Interview with Rob Edwards

Good morning Rob, can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am part of the little known Quality Assurance (QA) group here at Toll Brothers.  The group was established 20 years ago to work with our Construction Managers to build homes beyond the dreams of our buyers.  Our team is proud to partner with our community team to deliver to our homebuyers nothing less than the best!  

So when does your day begin?

Well, my day begins quite early, 5AM to be exact!  I arrive at the Community between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and meet with the construction manager who gives me an overview of his community, the homes he’s building, and any special requests purchased by our homebuyers.

Wow, you are an early riser!  So where does the QA process come in?

After our initial meeting I conduct a walk-through of the homes under construction as well as those in the process of settlement.  During my review, I check to ensure the standards and specifications of Toll Brothers as well as our product manufacturers are being met.  I also observe the subcontractors to ensure they are working safely at our communities, and take note of who is doing superior work since many of our communities have a monthly award for the best subcontractor.

How do you manage the reporting of the inspection results?

When the construction manager and I have the opportunity to walk through the homes together, we are able to review and correct any possible problems that can occur during the building process.  I then relay the information to the appropriate department to ensure resolution and prevention of it being repeated in any future home. I then address any ongoing issues that affect home construction, which is my favorite part of working for the Quality Assurance group. I am able to relay information about problems that I may have encountered to the departments so that they can resolve these issues and eliminate any of the identified problems from reappearing in future homes. The QA Program has really been embraced by the entire Toll Brothers community, which only helps enable the successes we achieve on a daily basis.

How does your day at a job site usually wrap up?

The last part of our visit is what we like to refer to as the “teaching” part of our career. By that I mean that we get the opportunity to pass along to the Construction Managers any important changes in the means, methods, and materials we use to build our homes. One thing that has always impressed me after all these years of working at Toll Brothers is that our company is not shy about making changes in order to build better homes. Our Product Standards Group is constantly reviewing new products developed in our industry and carefully choosing which ones will allow our homes to be more energy efficient, “green” friendly, and as low-maintenance as possible for our homebuyers. Our department is proud to aid with our community team to deliver to our homebuyers nothing less than the best.

It is obvious you take great pride your work!  Rob, thank you so much for your time and allowing us a glimpse into your world!

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