It’s Football Season…You Need A Man Cave!

With the start of fall comes the relief of cooler weather, grocery stores filled with excess amounts of candy, an explosion of all things pumpkin, and of course, football season. While there are few things better than going to an afternoon football game on a Sunday, there is something to be said about relaxing at home and watching the game with your friends and family. But here in lies the issue, where exactly are you going to watch it?

Let me ask you this first – what do you think of when you hear the words “man cave”? A dark, musty room filled with posters from the 80s, a couch that’s been around for too long and a TV that should have never made the move from your previous residence? Well my fellow football fans, it’s time to change your mentality and redefine the man cave in Toll Brothers terms into the ideal room to watch a football game.

There are four crucial pieces needed in order to transform your man cave from an escape to a destination in your home:

  1. The perfect TV. No one’s trying to watch one of the best rivalries in the NFL on a 20-inch TV screen…I can guarantee it. Check out one of your local electronic stores to find some of the best LED, LCD and plasma screen TVs that will make a world of difference in your game day experience.
  2. Appropriate wall hangings. Time to peel down the old posters from your college days. If they happen to have a vintage feel and feature your favorite team, get them framed! If the old posters aren’t working out, find a picture of your team’s stadium packed on game day. Fan fare is not discouraged! Let’s just stay away from neon signs; remember this isn’t a dive bar we are decorating.
  3. The right furniture. You can never go wrong with leather. It’s classy and manly at the same time, and did I mention super comfortable?
  4. A bar. If you are really looking to impress your friends and have your house become the new hotspot for watching games, a sports bar is just what you need. Gone are the days of leaving the house to spend money on overpriced beer with people you don’t know.

Now that we’ve redefined the man cave in Toll Brothers terms, you can see that it is the perfect room for entertaining. And just when you thought this football season couldn’t get any better, Toll Brothers can give you the perfect room to watch your favorite team win, or at least play a good game.



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