10 ways to take your kitchen from Good to Gourmet

Do you remember those New Year resolutions you made a few weeks back? We often make resolutions to eat healthier, cook more, and go out for fewer meals. Just like many other resolutions, these always seem to disappear after the month of January.  So how exactly can we keep these around for the entire year and maybe even longer? A new home just might be the perfect answer.

With a new Toll Brothers home, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen to make it a destination room in your home filled with appliances you are dying to use on a continual basis. In these 10 simple steps you can take your kitchen from “good” to “gourmet”, making it easier than ever to stay true to your resolutions.


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  1. Say goodbye to that old sink that has had one too many leftover meals shoved down its disposal. The Whitehaven kitchen sink by Kohler® is the perfect combination of modern style and classic design, with its rustic, farmhouse charm.
  2. If the Whitehaven isn’t exactly your style, check out the Langlade® Smart Divide® kitchen sink from Kohler. It offers both form and function. The low barrier divide between the two basins allows you to fit large pots and pans in the sink and still keep your wash and rinse water separate. Available in a variety of cast iron colors, it’s easy to find a hue that works perfectly in your space, plus, an upgraded sink will automatically give your kitchen a great new look.
  3. Cooking can get messy and countertops can become cluttered in the blink of an eye. These Kohler cutting boards fit directly over your sink – imagine all the free space you’ll be opening up in your new Toll Brothers kitchen!
  4. Now’s the time to get the oven you’ve always dreamed about. With the Whirlpool® Gold Oven that boasts features such as rapid reheat and convection cooking you can whip up meals in no time at all.
  5. If you are looking to transform your kitchen into a modern wonder in your new home, try this electric ceramic glass cooktop with tap touch controls from Whirlpool. It will be sure to impress and with the flat ceramic top, clean-up will be easier than ever. Who doesn’t love that?
  6. Now, in order for this resolution to stick, it’s important to have a refrigerator that doesn’t wilt all of the vegetables you are going to be eating, right? This Whirlpool French door fridge with a bottom freezer will keep all of those leafy greens as fresh as a daisy.
  7. Pulling dishes out of the dishwasher to find them still dirty might be one of the most annoying things in the world. Fret no more fellow dirty-dish-haters, the Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher has a sensor cycle so that it knows just how hard it needs to clean certain loads of dishes. How much do you love technology right now? This is a must have in your new Toll Brothers home.
  8. You know that one restaurant that just has the perfect ice cubes? You can now have full access to that in your very own home with a Whirlpool icemaker. Perfect for hot summer days, this icemaker will quickly become something you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
  9. In your new home, cabinets are one of the best ways to give your kitchen a comprehensive makeover. Try keeping it light with a rustic feel by going for an eggshell finish. These Yorktowne™ cabinets paired with the Kohler Whitehaven sink would without a doubt create a wow factor.
  10. If you prefer a darker option, try the eclipse finish by Yorktowne Cabinetry. With similar distressing techniques to the eggshell, these cabinets will still give off that lived in feel and would look perfect with the Octave kitchen sink.

With Toll Brothers plentiful options of top-notch appliances you can take your new kitchen from “good” to “gourmet” in no time at all. And who knows, maybe your kitchen will become your favorite room in your new home, making it nearly impossible not to stay true to those New Year’s resolutions.


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