A Spa-Like Oasis: Creating the Perfect Bathroom

Sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate just how much you use your bathroom on a day-to-day basis. Let’s look at the facts, the average man and woman who live to be 75 can spend anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time! So why not create a bathroom that’s your own personal haven? We talked to Patti Piasecki, Senior Project Designer at The KOHLER® Store, to learn about her design preferences when creating the perfect bathroom.

(Toll Brothers ~ TB / Patti Piasecki ~ PP)

TB: Do you have any general bathroom design rules when it comes to lighting? Vanities?

PP: With lighting my general rule is: side lighting coupled with some source of overhead/ceiling lighting will provide the best, least shadowed lighting for your face and body. The vanity depends on the size of the bathroom. Some people prefer double vanities, while others are choosing just one so that they can have loads of counter space.


TB: When it comes to tubs, would you choose stand alone or not?

PP: This is another instance where space is everything. Personally, I love the look and comfort of Kohler’s Vintage bath. If I had the space and a perfect spot for this freestanding bath I would have it in a heartbeat. They are most often the focal point within a bathroom and intended to make a statement.


TB: And what about privacy stalls for the toilet? Is this done a lot?

PP: This is done a lot. Some clients prefer to hide their toilet in a room, behind a half wall or even put up a frosted panel of glass as a minimal, but effective shield. Other clients with smaller spaces may not have the luxury of tucking their toilet into a more private space. In these instances we can sometimes place the toilet next to a vanity for a bit more privacy. And I generally try to avoid placing the toilet in front of a doorway.


TB: Any other tips or advice you have when it comes to the perfect bathroom?

PP: When in doubt go with your first instincts for your bathroom’s overall design. This is your space and should reflect your style and daily functionality. If need be, pair with a professional who will ask questions and really listen for what you want in the space. Create a wish list and tear out inspiration images. These will all help create the perfect space whether it’s spa-like, filled with beachy colors and textures or a dark and inviting space.


Two years over a lifetime is more than enough time to be spending in the bathroom, so why not make it your own personal spa or a beach-like escape? With Toll Brothers abundance of options and Kohler’s amazing products, it will be easier than ever to make your bathroom a destination room in your new home. For some more bathroom inspiration, check out our Bathrooms board on our Pinterest page!

Also, be sure to visit the Toll Brothers Design Studio and meet with our professional designers once you are on your way to creating your beautiful new bathroom within your Toll Brothers home.


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