What to Look for in a Home Builder – Part 1: Quality of Construction

This is the first article in our new series on what to look for when you are selecting your new home builder.


Selecting the right home builder is the most important decision you will make when considering your new home. What are you supposed to look for? What qualities are important? What should you avoid? In our latest blog series “What to Look For in a Home Builder” you will find topics that are crucial to consider when the time comes to make your dream home come to life.

There are two important qualities to consider when selecting a home builder. The first quality, which may appear obvious, is the quality of construction. The second quality, which may not be immediately apparent, is the quality of architectural design.

Toll Architecture, a Toll Brothers subsidiary, concentrates on three important aspects of residential design. The first aspect is superior floor plans. Toll Architecture goes to great lengths to design efficient, logical floor plans where everything from a graceful flow from the Foyer to the Family Room to the work-flow in the Kitchen is highly (and repeatedly) scrutinized. The second aspect is good-looking, well-proportioned exterior designs that neatly fit in with regional and local architectural styles. The third, and sometimes most difficult to detect, is the detailing of the home (both interior and exterior). Again, the Toll Brothers system of repeated reviews for quality improvement pays strong dividends with respect to clear, well thought-out details that avoid awkward finish conditions on both the interior and exterior of your new home.

The quality of construction truly begins with the quality of the architectural design, and Toll Brothers pays very close attention to both.

With respect to the quality of construction, no one wants to be constantly doing repairs on their “new” home. The quality of design and construction affects everything from how energy efficient your home is to the amount of money you are going to have to put towards repairs years from now. The quality of construction is Toll Brothers number one priority. Project Managers oversee all aspects of the building process so that the construction of your home is constantly being monitored. In addition, a member from Toll Brothers Quality Assurance team will visit your home to guarantee that it is up to Toll Brothers’ standards and that nothing goes unchecked during the building process. Our ten year warranty policy is another promise that your home will continue to reflect our Toll Brothers quality of construction for years to come.

We are Professional Builder magazine’s 2012 Builder of the year! All of us at Toll Brothers know that the quality of construction is your number one concern. If you are willing to trust us to build your dream home, we at Toll Brothers, can assure you that you will receive the absolute best design and construction job possible.


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  1. Hong Haddock

    I do agree that Toll has their acts together and the home buying becomes a lot more hollistic compared to other builders. In fact, Toll has the customer service nailed down to the ground. Part of Toll’s success attributes to other builders’ incompetence on the obvious things that are not that difficult to achieve. Personally, I won’t work with any other builder than Toll. That being said, we need to be careful that quality of construction is relative. Toll may be leading the pack, but compared to the Europeans, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Aamiya, thanks for your comment. We are glad you enjoyed the content in the blog and feel as though it will help other new and existing home investors manage their home building process. We are always happy to help!

  2. Jeff Stephenson

    I have never owned a Toll Brothers home, but I do a lot of work for the construction of their yards and pools, and I have to say that Toll Brothers and the project managers are over-the-top amazing and very honest. The crazy thing is when I ask them a question that gives them an option to save money they will typically answer with, “Do what’s best for the owner.” They DON’T cut corners. I am very proud to work as a subcontractor for Toll Brothers!!!


    As a Broker/salesperson with 15 years in the business in both resale and new home communities TOLL BROTHERS HAS ALWAYS been my pride and joy to show clients! Quality construction, magnificent floor plans, amazing neighborhoods — my list goes on and on. Totally family oriented!

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