6 Home Staging Tips for Higher Home Value and a Faster Sale


This guest blog post was written by Carter Schimpff, Director of Online Marketing at SML, a nationwide moving company.


The hunt for your dream home is an exciting process, filled with all sorts of hopes and dreams, soon to be fulfilled. Something that you’re surely not dreaming about, however, is how you’re going to get your existing home sold.

Don’t let selling your existing home become a doorstop to your dreams!  Following these six tips can help you sell your home faster, and likely for a better price.

Your Toll Brothers dream home is out there, waiting for you – I’m going to help you get there faster.

1. Give Your Front Door a Facelift

Dodgy front doors can seriously hamper your home’s resale potential. Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes and think about the questions you’d ask about a front door with peeling paint, dents, or old hardware.

“Some new paint, new hardware, or heck, just a new door… it wouldn’t have cost the homeowner much at all just to keep this looking nice. What else have they neglected around this house?”

Spruce up your front door by spending a few bucks at your local hardware store on a can of paint and some new hardware. Try and avoid funky colors – choose a neutral color that matches well with your home’s existing paint, stucco, stone, or brick.

2. Preen for Curb Appeal

Like the front door, your front lawn is part of the “first impression” that potential buyers get about your home. Make it the best it can be.

Even if you never have before, even if it’s the dead of winter, spend some time or money (or both) making sure that your front lawn is as trimmed, primped, preened, and greened as humanly possible. Fresh flowers and weedless flower beds are also a huge plus, if not a “must”.

3. Remove “You”

This house is your home, sure – but you’re hoping that soon it will be someone else’s.  Keeping that in mind, remove any “personal” touches from your home while showing it.

Remember, you want your home to be a blank canvas that potential buyers can paint future memories on. The last thing that you want is for them to feel like they’re intruding into someone else’s house.

Replace photos of family and friends with tasteful art, and keep decorations to a minimum. Remember that decorating tastes differ wildly, and what’s amazing for you could be less desirable to someone else.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

This tip should speak for itself, but it’s so crucial that it needs to be stated clearly:

Clean your home. I mean really clean it. Scrub every nook and cranny, and then scrub again just to be sure.

Sweep, mop, and vacuum everything. Check the ceiling for spider webs. Check the back porch for lawn clippings. Search for any trace of dust in places you’d never think to look – the tops of ceiling fans and fireplace mantles, for example.

Pretend your mother-in-law is a drill sergeant (bonus points if she actually is). Now pretend she’s coming to do an up-close-and-personal comprehensive inspection of your home. That’s how clean your house must be!

5. More Space, Not Less

This is such an important tip that I probably should have made it the first one. De-clutter your home!

There are two important things to keep in mind where this is concerned:

First, remember that you’ve (probably) been living there a while, and over time even non-hoarders have a tendency to pack just a few too many things into every room. Just because you’re comfortable with the amount of “stuff” in each room doesn’t mean someone else will be, too. Less is more!

Second, in concert with my third tip above, remember that you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves and, importantly, their stuff in your house. It’s very hard for them to do that if every room is packed to the gills with furniture and accessories.

6. Smell the Fresh Paint

I can’t stress enough what a new lease-on-life a fresh coat of paint lends to tired walls, scraped moldings, and faded siding.

Remember, you’re trying to attract a buyer into purchasing a home, not a project.

Take a weekend (or spend some $) and put a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint on walls, moldings, siding, and anywhere else you can think of. It will really make your home pop, and that’s half the battle won right there!

About the Author

This article was written by Carter Schimpff, Director of Online Marketing at SML, a nationwide moving company.

SML is a fully insured and bonded nationwide moving company offering full-service moves as well as labor-only services for those who only need help loading or unloading a rental truck or storage unit.

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  1. Jay Tracy

    The author’s comment about ‘removing you’ is really important. I recall a home we looked at that had photos of the family, the 3 boys raised there, all over the place. The photos made it feel like it was somebody else’s house. Buyers want a clean slate. We’re looking for a home that will be ours.

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