What to Look for in a Home Builder – Part 2: Best Neighborhoods

Now that you’ve considered the quality of construction as the first step in what to look for in a homebuilder, let’s move on to step number two: best neighborhoods. Finding the right neighborhood is an integral aspect to consider when choosing a homebuilder. There are a handful of qualities in a neighborhood that can make your time living there exponentially better. So what exactly do you have to look for?

First and foremost, picking a neighborhood in a location that fits your needs is crucial. Do you have children? If so, finding a neighborhood that is within reach of the best schools in the area is a necessity. Toll Brothers is a strong believer in picking their communities to be located in the best neighborhoods with the top schools. Whether you need access to the best education for your children or you’re not looking to hit horrible traffic every time you drive to work, picking a neighborhood in the right location for you is of utmost importance.

Another factor to consider when looking at neighborhoods is its walkability. A neighborhood’s walkability is how close it is to the center of town. With gas prices always seeming to be on the rise and warm weather on the way in many areas of the country, how nice would it be to walk to dinner one night instead of driving?

Having good neighbors and a sense of community can make a world of difference. This is definitely something to remember when choosing a neighborhood. Friends for your children to play with, someone to look after your plants while you are away, and people that you can trust are all things that should be not be overlooked when choosing a neighborhood.

Finally, pay attention to the community amenities. If you love to golf or want your kids to join the swim team this summer, find out if these options are possible in the neighborhood or local area. For those interested in low-maintenance living, check to see if the community offers any landscaping options like Toll Brothers Active Living.

In the “Family Neighborhood” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV, Erika, her kids, and her neighbors all enjoy the location, walkability, and amenities their neighborhood at Montevista has to offer.

Another neighborhood that stands out for Toll Brothers is the Lakeview Lane neighborhood in Kirkland, WA. With downtown Kirkland in walking distance from the neighborhood, beautiful views, low-maintenance living offered, and top schools right around the corner, Toll Brothers hit every mark on the list when it comes to creating the perfect neighborhood.

When choosing a homebuilder, don’t forget the importance of the neighborhood they build in. A good neighborhood is worth its weight in gold and will make your new home that much better.

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