What to Look for in a Home Builder – Part 5: The Best Living Spaces

Selecting the right home builder is the most important decision you will make when considering your new home. What are you supposed to look for? What qualities are important? What should you avoid? In this series “What to Look For in a Home Builder” you will find topics that are crucial to consider when the time comes to make your dream home come to life.

When house hunting we tend to focus on home stats: the square footage, the number of beds or baths, the size of the garage, etc. While these are great items to use to get some direction on the size of house you want, when you start comparing home builders, you need to look more at who will provide you with the best living spaces.

Here are four areas to look into:

  • The variety of options available to personalize the spaces: Many builders give you some options, sometimes a choice between two or three items, but do you actually have the ability to design and change the space to meet your needs? Do the builders you are considering give you enough well thought-out options to select from? Can you get an expanded family room, add a butler pantry or a pocket office?
  • Better layouts: Another differentiating factor between home designs, and builders, is the quality of the space. How balanced are the spaces, do the rooms flow, are they well thought-out and are there interesting features that make the design, well, interesting?
  • Usable spaces: Do the home designs that you are looking at give you spaces that work for your interests or needs? Are they open and good for parties or family gatherings? Does the inside space and outside space work well for entertaining or keeping your eye on the kids? Does the kitchen give you the space and options you need to enjoy cooking and entertaining at the same time? How about the finished basement? Does it give you the spaces that you need for your hobbies, home office, home theater or play area?
  • The designer options available: Are the appliances, faucets, and fixtures basic builder options or are there choices from top-name  brands? Do you have only a couple of granite countertops or do you have lots of choices in granite or quartz? How much variety are you offered in your overall selections for cabinets, tile, lighting and flooring?

There are many items to consider when you select a home builder to build your dream home. Make sure your builder of choice can partner with you to deliver you the home that is designed for you.

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