What to Look for in a Home Builder – Part 7: Architecture and Design

There are many different considerations to keep in mind when deciding on your home builder, but one of the most important is the architecture and overall design of your home. Knowing the architecture and design styles of your home builder is essential to ensure that the visions of your dream home become reality. To learn more about what people should look for in the design of their new home I sat down with Jed Gibson, President of Toll Brothers in-house Architecture department.

Under Jed’s direction over the past twenty years, Toll Architecture has expanded to service virtually all Toll Brothers’ markets. He has provided architectural services on a variety of building types including commercial, institutional, retail, and high and low density residential.

When talking with Jed, I asked him what some important things are to consider when looking at different exterior and interior home designs. He said, “It’s important that people think about what they want and need in their home, and how they plan to live in it.”

Seems simple right? But if your home builder doesn’t provide options for you to choose from, then you won’t be able to build your home in a way that is right for you. Jed said, “Personalization is key and should be something that is readily available.” But, it will only be key if the options made available to you are the latest and greatest in new home designs.

I asked Jed to give me an overview of what the latest trends are for both interior and exterior designs, “Homes are becoming less formal. People are getting rid of the formal living rooms and dining rooms, and instead having larger family rooms and great rooms.” He continued with, “Exterior designs have gone through a significant change, moving away from using just one material on the home, like all brick, to adding a variety of different textures and colors, like stucco with stone.”

There has also been increased focus on the internal details like trim and windows, as well as stairs. He said, “There has been a push for larger windows in the kitchen; people want more light.”

I asked Jed what his favorite Toll Brothers design is and he answered with, “I don’t have a favorite. We offer so much, and I like many different ones. There are larger homes that are fabulous and I love, but there are also smaller ones that are little gems and just as wonderful.”

At Toll Brothers there is something for everyone and a team that truly cares. Jed said, “We have an amazing team of people who create high quality homes from the first pencil sketch to the moment our customers are putting their key in the door. Our architecture team is in-house, and that is what makes us so efficient.”

With so many options available to you, it is just a matter of deciding what is best for YOUR new home.

Here are some examples of designs mentioned above:

Visit the Toll Brothers’ website to start designing your dream home today!

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