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Patti Piasecki, Senior Designer, and David Doyle, Senior Training Specialist, from Kohler® helped with this blog by answering a few questions about mixing textures in the kitchen and bath.


Textures are just as important as the color scheme in your room. They can help add contrast and interest to your surfaces to create a stylish and visually stimulating space. It is crucial to think of texture in both tactile and visual terms. The texture of some materials becomes apparent when you feel it, but others have strong patterns or designs that create a visual interest.

There are many different ways in which you can add texture to your home. The most popular type of texture mixing this year has been definition glass tile with stones, and wood floors with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles made to look and feel like wood planks have also become a popular trend.

David said the easiest way to incorporate texture in the kitchen is by using three dimensional tiles on your backsplash, or having countertops with movement in them such as marbles, granites, soapstone, and limestone. You could also add wallpaper to enhance the visual texture of the room.

When asked which textures are trending in the kitchen Patti said, “People are choosing a leathered or flamed finish to the surface in lieu of the traditional polished finish.” Also consider zinc, copper, and stainless in other areas of the kitchen.

The bathroom is another great place for you to incorporate texture into your home. An easy way to enhance the texture in your bathroom is to use different tile sizes and patterns on the floor, walls, and shower.

“I have seen more and more mosaic tiles as accent tiles, and even full wall and floor mosaics,” said Patti. Having accent walls with a three dimensional element is a great way to add texture to your bathroom, as well as create a visually appealing space.

Decorating with texture can drastically change the design of your room, from your ceilings to your floors, and although we have focused on the bathroom and kitchen, recognize that texture can be added to any room, and all elements of that room.

 See examples of the use of texture below:

While you are deciding on the different ways you can incorporate texture into your living spaces, keep in mind that these are just a few options. Visit our Pinterest page to see photos of more ideas from Toll Brothers and Kohler, or visit a Toll Brothers community of your choice and you can design a texture-filled room in your new Toll Brothers home.

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