Make the Joneses Jealous: 6 Posh Outdoor Kitchen Necessities

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Purchasing a new home is a big step, but the bigger challenge lies in decorating and finding suitable, yet fun furnishings for your home. An essential part is the outdoor kitchen. This is the perfect location for family cookouts, romantic dinners, and even business meetings, so you will want this area to really shine.

Furnishings for your outdoor kitchen don’t have to be traditional, like an umbrella for shade or a simple grill. Instead, you can ramp up your backyard dining area with these modern appliances that are sure to transform your backyard and make your place the prime spot for entertaining.


Infrared Burners
In these burners, heat directly penetrates the food, unlike traditional gas burners which heat the air to cook food. Infrared cooking temperatures are much hotter than on a traditional gas grill. As a result, meat cooks faster, juices are locked in, and the exterior develops a delicious, restaurant-style crust.

Hybrid Grills
These grills have the ability to switch between gas and charcoal fuels, combining the benefits of both and providing maximum cooking flexibility. Newer models add an infrared searing burner to the mix, while some offer electric cooking capability. They are a “do-everything” model, which allow backyard chefs to prepare their meals in a variety of ways.

LED Keypad Grills 
Another type of grill has digital LED keypads, with programmable temperatures and cooking times. It uses probes, which record the internal temperature of meat as it cooks and signals an alarm on a remote monitor when it’s done. There are built-in halogen lights on the cooking surface and control panel that make nighttime cookouts convenient. It also offers optional built-in CD/stereo systems, plasma TVs, and MP3 docking stations for great backyard entertainment.

Kalamazoo vent hood:
This vent hood is hand-crafted and finished from heavy-gauge stainless steel. It has a built-in lighting system with two illumination levels: one for comfortable after-dark cooking and a second ambient light setting for when the meal is served, as well as a 3-speed, quiet-control remote fan, ensuring that no meal or party is disturbed by smoke or noise.


Stainless Steel holder
This holder is made of high-quality stainless steel. It works great on the front of your outdoor kitchen to hold your sauces, spices, and other necessities for cooking.

View our gallery of Toll Brothers outdoor kitchens below:

We hope these options provide some backyard inspiration for you to create an impressive outdoor kitchen that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

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