Top 10 Ways to Make Your New Home Green

In an era of rising oil prices and high energy expenses, it is important for prospective homeowners to “think green” when purchasing a home. When you buy a new home you are already one step ahead of the game because your home will be greener than homes built in the past. The building materials and construction methods used on modern homes are far more efficient than homes built just a few years ago.

There are several features to consider for a lower impact on the environment, and energy savings with long-lasting value and comfort.

Here are the top 10 elements for a highly efficient eco-friendly home:

  1. More efficient windows
    Low-E windows have an almost invisible metallic coating to reflect heat back into your home in the winter, and away from your home in the summer.
  2. More efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) 
    Today’s systems are typically at least 30% more efficient than what is found in homes built just a few years ago.
  3. More insulation
    Installing insulation with higher R-Values increases your home’s comfort by helping maintain a constant temperature, and saves  energy too.
  4. Air Sealing
    Sealed ductwork, penetrations, and low leakage doors and windows reduce the infiltration of outside air and makes sure that conditioned air stays inside so that your home uses less energy. Doors that are air tight sealed will help eliminate drafts.
  5. Water saving plumbing fixtures
    Faucets meeting the EPA’s WaterSense® rating and dual-flush toilets conserve water.
  6. Energy Star® appliances
    Energy Star Appliances can help you save energy, money, and the environment. In order for a product to earn the Energy Star® rating, it must meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  7. Radiant barrier roof sheathing (hot climates only)
    The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat keeping your home cooler in the summer.
  8. Low VOC paints
    These paints contain low amounts of volatile organic compounds found in most paints which helps to improve indoor air quality.
  9. Engineered lumber products 
    Engineered wood products provide solid, uniform strength that is highly resistant to warping, cracking and splitting. Wood is a renewable resource, and these products can be made with fast-growing species which reduces demand for old-growth timber.
  10. Tankless water heaters 
    Tankless water heaters save energy by heating water on demand instead of having to keep a tank of water hot at all times.

Going green with a new home is a better way to live today. You’ll be saving money, making a difference, and maximizing your quality of life. Visit our Toll Green website to learn more about what makes a Toll Brothers home a green home.

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