Toll Brothers’ Favorite Holiday Recipes: Preview

The holidays are traditionally a time where we bring family and friends together to celebrate and be thankful for all that we have. We welcome our guests into our homes and hope that the warm environment and delicious smells of the feast to come is enjoyed by all. Being the hosts for the holidays is, frankly, a lot of work and there are high expectations about the meal. While you have your traditional dishes that you always make, it is often exciting to try something new and create a brand new tradition. This holiday season Toll Brothers would like to help by sharing some of our favorite holiday recipes.

This year our Toll Brothers golf and country club chefs have given us their favorite holiday recipes that will be sure to leave your guests smiling.

We will be posting two recipes every Wednesday during the months of November and December for our “Recipe Wednesday” mini-series on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You can also check out our Pinterest board filled with these delicious holiday favorites.

Below are the first two recipes from our “Recipe Wednesday” series, and a few of last year’s most popular holiday favorites:

Stay tuned to see the rest of our scrumptious holiday recipes, and from all of us at Toll Brothers, happy holidays!

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