Preparing for Overnight Guests

When you have guests coming to stay, plan ahead! It is the little things that make guests feel welcome. We’re here to help by sharing some of our favorite ideas to make your next hosting experience enjoyable for everyone.

The Essentials

After welcoming your guests into your home and catching up, show them to their room where they will find your spare bedroom to be as warm and inviting as a nice hotel room. Set out the essentials, but then also provide a goodie basket with water bottles, their favorite snacks, and a selection of books or magazines suited to your guests’ taste. Some guest rooms may not have mirrors, so put a small mirror on the bedside table or add a full length mirror behind the door. Bonus points for fresh cut flowers in a small vase to enhance the décor.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

What are your guests’ food preferences? Do they have food allergies or dietary restrictions that you need to be mindful of? Encourage your guests to make themselves at home by helping themselves to food and snacks in your pantry, where they’ll find that you are already stocked up on some of their favorite foods. Browse our Pinterest page for some of Toll Brothers favorite holiday recipes that you may want to make.

Allow time for relaxation and conversation. Spending time in your home together may be just what your visiting friends and family want. Don’t feel like you need to plan every minute of their stay, a quiet morning or afternoon at home may be the perfect break!

Have Fun

Having a couple activities planned in advance will help ensure that everyone is satisfied, on the same schedule, and having fun! If your guests are from out of town, you may want to plan a few hours together at a local museum or a tour of the local city. If you want your guests to experience the attractions on their own, have a basket of pamphlets and information on hand to make it easy to choose. Collect these items over the course of the year so you are ready when your guests arrive.

Before your guests leave, and especially if they have a long travel home, surprise them with a small parting gift. Something simple like a few healthy snacks packed in a bag will make any road trip better! Even add some small not-too-noisy toys or games if your guests have young kids.

Now that you have prepared for your overnight guests, all that is left to do is wait for their arrival. So take a break, put your feet up, and get excited for your visiting friends and family to come. We hope that with this checklist your hosting experience will be a great one for everyone!

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