First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions When Selling Your Home

Picture this: You are in the market for a new home, so you spend an afternoon driving around your neighborhood looking for any FOR SALE signs. You see one from your car that looks promising, but you are immediately turned off. A window shutter is broken, there are weeds growing out of the paved walkway, and the home’s exterior looks like it hasn’t been painted for 30 years. You immediately get back in your car and continue down the road.

The inside of that home could have been immaculate and exactly what you are looking for. Maybe it had an open concept and 9-foot ceilings with a curved staircase, but you would never know it from the exterior. That home had no curb appeal, and unless a buyer is desperate, or looking for a DIY project, it will likely not sell well.

So what can a homeowner trying to sell their home do to give a buyer a great first impression? Well, similar to interior staging, you can essentially stage the outside of your home–what we call curb appeal. This is basically the art of creating a great first impression so that a prospective buyer makes a call to the real estate agent looking for an appointment to view your home.

Here are some helpful tips to give your home great curb appeal so that you can sell your current home quickly:

  1. Dress up the front door area – Does the door need a new coat of paint or maybe new address numbers?
  2. Install outdoor lighting – Safety is a priority. Good lighting and clear views of walkways and parking areas make a potential buyer feel safe. Be sure to have a light fixture by the front door. Visit our shared Pinterest board with Progress Lighting to see examples.
  3. Make over the mailbox – Often the first item seen at the edge of the road, a mailbox that is falling apart may make a buyer wonder what else is falling apart.
  4. Renew the paint on siding, trim, and shutters – This is like a facelift for your home. You may want to consider replacing any gutters or downspouts as well.
  5. Fix up the driveway – This includes fixing cracks, removing weeds, and moving trash receptacles from the front view.
  6. Manicure the greenery – Mow the lawn, trim trees and bushes back, and refresh garden beds for added appeal.
  7. Power wash – You can hire a professional, or rent a power washer from your local hardware store and clean all of the surfaces, including the sidewalk and patio, to brighten things up.
  8. Update the fence – Mend holes and shave down any sharp edges.

A resourceful combination of any of these tips would go a long away in the selling of your home. A home that doesn’t show well often takes longer to sell. This small investment now could increase the value of your home when that for sale sign goes up.

Visit the Toll Brothers Pinterest page to get more ideas and helpful tips on improving the curb appeal of your home.

Toll Brothers employee Alicia Rapp contributed to this story. Rapp is a member of the Toll Brothers Marketing Department.

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