Paint – The biggest bang for your buck!

If you think redecorating is just too expensive, think again! Paint ranges anywhere from $15 to $50 per gallon, and the average room only requires around one gallon, so a new spruced-up space is within your reach!

Paint is an easy way to redecorate a room, and arguably gives you the most bang for your buck. By simply painting the walls of a room, you can completely recreate a space into something entirely different.

If you just bought a new Toll Brothers home, and are already thinking about the colors you want to put on the walls, WAIT! Among the many, many tips you’ll find about painting, this one just might be the most important – paint after you move in. Resist the allure of empty rooms that make paint prep easier, because in the end, you’ll be glad you did!

The colors you loved in your previous home will look different in your new home for a variety of reasons, including different light sources, different light placement, rooms that face different directions, flooring, and furniture arrangement. So take your time, and really think about what colors will look best in your new home.

Before you begin your color selection process, you may also want to consider what colors are trending. This year is a great year to get carried away with color, as 2014 is all about choosing colors that embrace your passion. To learn more about the 2014 color trends, please visit the Sherwin-Williams website. Also, if there is a store nearby, the staff is very helpful.

There is one more thing you need to remember… don’t forget the details. Like so many other projects, it is important to prep, prep, and prep some more.

Try as many paint samples as you want, and test to see how each one looks with different lighting and at different times of the day, because you want to make sure you choose the right color. After you choose your color, go out and stock up on painter’s tape, brushes, rollers , and drop cloths. Then call your family and friends – and get ready to roll (get it…like rolling paint)! Or, hire a professional to help from start to finish.

View our photo gallery of model homes for ideas from some of the nation’s top interior designers:

With paint, your options are limited only by your imagination! For more creative color ideas, please visit out Color in the Home board on Pinterest.

Toll Brothers employee Louise Valdov contributed to this story. Valdov is a member of the Toll Brothers Marketing Department.

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    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Dave, thank you for your comment on our Toll Talks blog! The Shelton kitchen paint color is Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik SW7602, the Langley model home family room is Tony Taupe SW7038, and the foyer is also Tony Taupe SW7038 and Moderate White SW6140. If you have any other questions, please email us at

      1. Dave

        Thank you so much for the information on the color selection. It has bee a big help to us in deciding what to do with our home. Additionally what was the color used in the dining room and living room?

        1. Toll Brothers

          Hello Dave, the colors used for the dining room below the chair rail is Moderate White SW6140 (same as the foyer) and the dining room above the chair rail is Comfort Gray SW6205. The family room trim and inside panels are Moderate White SW6140, all the walls are Tony Taupe SW7038, and inside ceiling beams are Oyster Bay SW6206. Thanks.

  1. Jeff

    Hello, we own a condo in Naval Square Philadelphia and are looking to touch up some of the interior doors and trim. Are you able to tell me what paint color was used for the interior doors and trim?

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Jeff, all condo trim woodwork, interior doors, and frames should receive one coat of Duron Painters edge flat wall shell white #161-0907/supreme flat wall shell white #168-008, or Sherwin Williams Master Hide DU-Shell White #B30WB5008, or MAB Pro-30 Flat Toll White. The next coat will then be Duron Ultra Deluxe Latex Semi Gloss.

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Diana, thank you for your comment and interest in Toll Brothers! The paint colors you are looking for are (walls) Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW7038 and (ceiling) Oyster Bay SW6206.

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hi Paul, thank you for your comment on our Toll Talks blog! The drywall color is Sherwin Williams Cool Platinum SW8907, and the trim color is Sherwin Williams White Shadow SW8906. For an interior latex semi-gloss, you could have any of Sherwin Williams products available in that sheen tinted to White Shadow.

  2. Peter Alabiso

    We live at the Regency at Methuen
    Can you tell me what the interior trim paint to use is?
    I went to my local Sherwin Williams but they could not figure it out
    Thank you

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