The Power of Color: Transforming a simple room into a brilliant space

Have you ever wondered why interior designers spend so much time coming up with a color scheme for a room? You sit there thinking to yourself, why can’t I just paint my walls white, hang some artwork, and be done with it. Well the truth is, you can do that, but you may be missing out on a great opportunity to transform that room into the perfect space.

Using color in a room is a very powerful tool. It can provoke emotions and impact the mood of all those surrounded by it. Simply changing the color of one wall in a room can recreate that space into something entirely different.

There are many different ways you can incorporate color into a room, and only a few include painting the walls. In fact, color can be added to the ceiling, floor, countertops, furniture, appliances, and really just about anywhere you can imagine!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate color into your new home:

  • Adding an accent wall: By painting one wall in a room, you will not only be adding color to that room, you will also be changing the focal point. You can choose a bold, contrasting color taken from a piece of artwork or fabric in the room, or a subtle tone darker than the tone of the other walls.
  • Painting the ceiling: Ceilings are typically the forgotten fifth wall, but adding color to your ceiling can completely transform the room. Using a dark tone on the ceiling in a large room will make the room feel cozy, and using a light tone in a small room will make the space feel larger. You can also add designs to the ceiling to help dress up the room.
  • Create bold walls: You can paint the walls of a room with bold colors, and then balance the bold colored walls with neutral furniture. This will create brilliant contrast between the walls and furniture.
  • Using colorful furniture: You can also do the opposite – paint the walls a neutral color, and then balance the neutral walls with colorful furniture. Using colorful furniture in a neutral room will help brighten up the space.
  • Incorporating pillows & curtains: Colorful throw pillows and window treatments are a great way to add energy to a room. Consider coordinating the fabrics when you are trying to unify the room, and using contrasting colors when you want to create visual interest.
  • Using colorful fixtures: Kohler®, one of Toll Brothers’ vendor partners, has an entire collection devoted to colorful fixtures. It’s a unique way to add color to a room. Tristan Butterfield, Kohler Creative Director, stated, “Color isn’t only a part of our history, it’s a part of our heritage dating back to 1927 when we were the very first to apply color to plumbing products.”
  • Painting colorful designs: You can also incorporate color into your home by painting designs on your ceiling and walls. If you are interested in learning more about decorative techniques you can use to add color, such as polka dots and stripes, please visit the painting techniques page on Sherwin-Williams’ website.

Now that you have a few different ways you can incorporate color into your home, all that’s left for you to do is decide which way is best for you!

Toll Brothers’ vendor partner, Sherwin-Williams®, offers several excellent color tools to help you decide which colors will work best in your home. The Color Visualizer® allows you to upload a photo of a room in your home, pick and choose different paint colors, and then “paint” them on the walls, ceiling, and trim so you see what colors should go where, and how they all come together.

If you see a color somewhere, but are not sure what the name of that color is, Sherwin-Williams has an app for that! Chip it® is an interactive tool that you can use to take any image and instantly identify the Sherwin-Williams paint colors that correspond to the colors within the picture. It has never been easier to translate images that inspire you into colors that you can use in your home.

To see which colors inspire you most, Sherwin-Williams is having a face-off of colors in this year’s Swatch Madness Tournament. They will be putting their top colors in a bracket style competition to find out which shade is the most popular. The tournament runs through April 7th. You can complete a bracket for each round and enter for a chance to win a Sherwin-Williams gift card. There is still time to play!

And, with this story we wrap-up Toll Color Month!

If you didn’t already know, Toll Brothers has dedicated the month of March to “Toll Color Month.” Throughout the month, we posted color tips, created Pinterest boards, and featured blogs on color. We hope you enjoyed following #TollColorMonth on our social media channels, and are able to use some of our color tips to help you bring color into your home.

For more ideas on how to incorporate color into your home, please visit our Color in the Home board on Pinterest, or search #TollColorMonth on Facebook and Twitter.

Our vendor partners, Kohler and Sherwin-Williams, also have lots of colorful inspiration for you. Please visit the Kohler Pinterest page to see examples of their colorful fixtures, and visit the Sherwin-Williams Pinterest page for incredible paint color ideas.

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