Home Automation, made simple and affordable

Home Automation is cool, there is no doubt about that, but what will it take for me to be able to control my lights, locks, thermostat, home security, and music? Do I have to be super tech savvy to use it (because all those commercials from my cable company tell me it’s a breeze?) Is it affordable? I mean, can it really be that easy to have and use?

The truth is YES. Home Automation no longer needs to be something only available to those in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and as a consumer, you no longer need an engineering degree to be able to operate an automation system in your home. Systems are now scalable and affordable where you can start small and add on as your needs grow or change with options in all price ranges to suit all needs.

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, just shy of 7 years ago – who could have imagined how it would change the way we live with the “there’s an app for that mentality?” If you are like me, we use our smart phones to navigate through life each day. We can now shop, read, bank, learn, take photos, and even date all from that thing we keep in our pocket or our handbag. And the iPhone of 2007 was not even considered the first smart phone – that was introduced way back in 1992 at a staggering price of $899 and all it did was provide a touchscreen, a calculator, a calendar, and an address book. Looking back I scratch my head and think, “how smart was it, really?” My point is, prices go down, services increase….technology changes all around us and our lives are affected by it.

So, how do you make the jump from smart phones to smart homes? Home Automation options are not as expected as granite countertops, but we are getting there. Cars might not be flying through the sky like in The Jetsons, but the home control and conveniences do exist at prices that are doable for many.

We live in an app-driven world and it’s only natural to have those conveniences extend to how we live inside our homes as well as out. Odds are for most people, when buying a home, automation might not seem like it is even on their radar, but I’m pretty sure at some point, as consumers, we will grow to expect a lot of the conveniences we currently get from our mobile devices to extend to how we live inside our homes as well.

Today, Toll Brothers homebuyers have an option for home control and automation at all levels and price points. Whether it is entry level home control through your security system or integration of advanced control with a Control4 system, we know that our buyers will be able to find a solution to fit their lifestyles today which can continue to grow with them in the years to come.

Find a community on TollBrothers.com and learn more by speaking to a sales representative.

Toll Brothers employee Felicia Ratka contributed to this story. Ratka is currently President of Westminster Security, a Toll Brothers subsidiary providing alarm monitoring and automation services to Toll Brothers buyers nationwide. For more information on the options and services available in your area, contact Westminster Security at 800-957-2522 or visit on the web at WestminsterSecurity.com

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