Toll Brothers’ Bring Your Child to Work Day

Last week, Toll Brothers celebrated Bring Your Child to Work Day. Employees’ children were welcomed at the Corporate office in Horsham, PA, where there was a full day of fun activities planned for them.

Children ages 12 and under had the opportunity to make a craft with our Toll Architecture department, discuss “dollars and sense” with our Corporate Planning team, and work on a land survey with our Eastern States Engineering group. Oh, and we can’t forget – they had their picture taken with Toll Brothers CEO Doug Yearley and COO Rick Hartman!

Many of the children said they enjoyed building their own miniature home with the Toll Architecture department the most. One child said, “My favorite part of the day was making my dream house. I finished building it, and loved it!” Another child said, “I liked learning how to design my own house and make real furniture to put in it. It was fun all together!”

For teenagers 13 and up, the day was dedicated to helping them think more about their career goals and interests. They had the opportunity to talk with a Toll Brothers Recruiting Manager about personal career interests, do walk-through tours of each department, discuss the do’s and don’ts of interviews with a Toll Brothers Senior Recruiting Specialist, and practice interviews over Skype.

Many said their favorite part of the day was the department tours. One teen said, “The department tours were entertaining and informational,” and another teen said, “I liked being able to see the different types of jobs that Toll Brothers has.”

At the end of the day, each attendee was able to learn something, and that’s what made the day so special. The little ones got to learn more about the company where their parents work, and the older ones got a chance to learn more about the career planning process.

Toll Brothers loved setting aside a day for employees to bring their children into the office. It was a great time for them to show their children where they work, and they got the chance to spend the day with them. The kids loved it too, like Jack, who said, “The best part of my day was spending it with my dad.”

No matter what their favorite part was, each of them had a chance to learn and have fun….and so did we!

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