Memorial Day – A Day to Remember Our Heroes and Make New Memories

Memorial Day … It’s a holiday with two, seemingly opposite, faces: one looking back in remembrance and one looking forward with anticipation and excitement. Yet the two complement each other perfectly, at the perfect time of year — every year.

When I was growing up, that meant getting there early to stake out our spot on Main Street for the annual Memorial Day parade, dripping ice cream cone in one hand, small American flag in the other, standing on tiptoe, waving wildly to everyone, and being so proud to see my dad and grandpa, heads held high, marching with their WWI and WWII friends from the VFW. Over the years, I too became a part of the parade. Now, I travel to the memorials on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where I make a pencil etching of the name of my POW on the Vietnam Wall, saying a grateful prayer for him and for all those who, sadly, never returned.

Memorial Day is also a holiday many people spend with friends and family, enjoying good food, beautiful weather, and great company, allowing ourselves to be swept away by sheer joy of the summer ahead! The warm weather lures us outdoors once again to bask in the sunshine and fresh air, and of course, there’s always food. Ah, the aroma of char-broiled hamburgers, steaks, and seafood on the grill. Around you are your friends and family splashing in the pool (or running through the sprinkler), playing in the yard, relaxing, and having a great time!

This Memorial Day, Toll Brothers wants to help you be prepared to host the perfect party.

Pick a location:
Maybe it is on your patio where you can show off your grilling skills in your outdoor kitchen, or maybe it is in your beautifully landscaped backyard where you set up areas for shade and a fire pit. Wherever the spot may be, just make sure it is qualified for a good time. Be sure to place seating and tables in an ideal spot for guests to gather for conversation and enjoy their food, but not cause a road block.

Prepare the food:
Barbecues are great for Memorial Day parties. Stock up on burgers, steak, and seafood, but be conscientious of your vegetarian/vegan guests by including veggie/vegan burgers, as well as salad. For dessert, consider making something simple and adding a patriotic theme such as cupcakes with red, white, and blue sprinkles, a cake with icing in the design of a flag, or strawberry, blueberry, and marshmallow kabobs for a fun twist on a healthy treat.

For more patriotic recipes and ideas on how to plan and decorate for the perfect Memorial Day party, please visit our Memorial Day board on Pinterest.

Toll Brothers employee Louise Valdov contributed to this story. Valdov is a member of the Toll Brothers Marketing Department.

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