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Homeowners are looking for a house that they can turn into a home, and where everyday life can run smoothly. Although the home itself is understandably a huge factor, there are other key factors that go into the home buying decision.

Before buying a new home, consider getting to know the surrounding area. When asked, most homeowners say they want to live near beautiful views, with access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Another contributing factor to the location is the school district. It is important that children get the best possible education, and that comes from a top-rated school district.

The neighborhood is also important. Not only do you want it to be safe, you also want it to be fun. There should be plenty of activities to keep the kids busy throughout the year. If the kids are indoors, you want the space to be fun – get ideas here on Toll Brothers’ Children’s Rooms Pinterest board. Organize a play date for kids and a ladies night or game night get together for the adults. Some communities may even have amenities that are tailored specifically to women’s and men’s desires, such as a spa, fitness center, and golf course.

A welcoming neighborhood is great, too! It’s nice when new neighbors are greeted into the community with a welcoming party, giving them a chance to get to know everyone. Having a strong support system, both inside and outside of the family, is important and often times that comes from neighbors. It can also help make the transition easier for children, giving them an opportunity to make friends. (For more details on Toll Brothers’ prestigious neighborhoods in the best locations, read What to Look for in a Home Builder – Part 2: Best Neighborhoods.)

If the community and surrounding area fit the criteria, the next element to consider is the home itself. There are a few essentials that most people want in their home, starting with big, open spaces. A home should be warm and inviting, allowing guests to feel comfortable, and the best way to do this is to have space to entertain. Whether it’s a kitchen or dining room with a large table, or a spacious patio with outdoor furniture, a space to entertain guests is important as well.

I know what you’re thinking, what about the master bedroom? Don’t worry, that’s next! Homeowners also want a place to go to relax, refresh, and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the perfect place for that is the master bedroom. Consider this – a large bed, maybe even an oversized armchair to relax on, and a spa-like bathroom for pampering each morning, but most importantly big closets to keep everything organized. (For more master bedroom ideas, read Creating Your Master Bedroom Retreat.)

Our families’ lives are fast and full. We are busy juggling a multitude of responsibilities, and at the end of the day you want a place to call home. So go ahead – pick the dream home you want! We’ve got one for you!

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    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Sharon, thank you for your comment. Toll Brothers has several communities that offer single level homes. To see which communities offer them, please visit our website –, then select a region of your choice, and that you are interested in single level homes, and the communities will appear.

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Christel, thank you for your comment on our Toll Talks blog! We do not currently offer a program where we build homes on land already purchased. However, we do build luxury homes in communities nationwide. To see a list of communities we are currently building, please visit our website –

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