Entertain Your Guests with Home Automation

You’re all moved in to your new Toll Brothers home and the line of house guests and visitors is already starting to form. Regardless of whether you’re trying to “wow” your guests or just make them more comfortable in your home, Toll Brothers home automation systems by Control4® can add some cool “guest-friendly” automation solutions.

Episode 4 of Toll Lifestyle TV features Paul Williams from Control4 as he highlights a few of the many ways you can use home automation to manage house guests. But those are just a few…..

In addition to house guests, you are sure to want to entertain in your new home. Take your parties to the next level and pull out that “wow” factor on friends and family by using your home automation system to bring music and lighting together to set the mood for whatever your theme may be. Having a quiet dinner party? Go to the TuneIn® app on your TV, touchscreen, or mobile device, and stream a jazz station or your music of choice.

Do you have a friend who claims their music library is better than yours? Well, let your guests decide and stream music from their mobile device or tablet after connecting to your WiFi. With a multi-room audio package, you can also join all your rooms with music with the press of a single button. Or, have different music playing in each room so that your guests don’t miss a beat.

For a bigger “wow” factor (and so you don’t miss any of YOUR party), set up an announcement agent in your Control4 door station and record a message for your guests so when they ring the doorbell they’ll be greeted with a message like “Let yourself in – we are out back on the deck!”

The possibilities are endless, but for more ideas on “guest-friendly” automation and entertaining features, be sure to check out Toll Brothers’ automation partner’s website at Control4.com, and visit Toll Brothers’ Technology in the Home board on Pinterest.

To watch episodes of Toll Lifestyle TV, please visit TollLifestyleTV.com.

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