Technology in the Home: Automate Your Finished Basement

The creative and functional uses of a basement are endless. Unlike other conventional spaces in your home, your basement’s purpose has not yet been predetermined. It has the opportunity to be turned into whatever you want it to be.

If you want a place to get pumped up for the big game, or a place to relax and watch a movie, your basement can be the perfect space for that. Since many people want destination rooms for movies, music, gaming, and sports, finished basements are growing in popularity.

When you have a space that is chocked-full of today’s greatest technology, who needs to take a trip to the movie theater or sports bar? You can enjoy your favorite things right at home. Add to this a little home automation and you can take your vision of a finished basement to a whole new level!

When most people think of a finished basement they picture a big, flat-screen TV with surround sound, controlled lighting, and lots of comfortable seating. What they might not think of is having a home automation system that can tie all of those things together.

Home automation enhances movies, games, and music by integrating all of systems into one seamless, awe-inspiring experience. It allows you to control everything at once, without juggling multiple remotes and light switches.

With surround sound being a “must-have” in finished basements, consider adding distributed audio so you can listen to music or the announcer calling the game in multiple rooms (which comes in handy when you need to leave the room and don’t want to miss a minute of action). Have video? Monitor your front door cameras on your phone, tablet, or Control4 Touchscreen™ so that you know when the pizza delivery arrives.

Systems like this can now be installed from single room systems to whole house automation, even for those on a limited budget.

Toll Brothers is proud to partner with Control4® to offer a variety of home automation packages which can be personalized to transform your new house into a smart home!

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Toll Brothers employee Felicia Ratka contributed to this story. Ratka is President of Westminster Security, a Toll Brothers subsidiary providing alarm monitoring and automation services to Toll Brothers buyers nationwide. For more information on the options and services available in your area, contact Westminster Security at 800-957-2522 or visit on the web at

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