Design Trends for 2015 — and Beyond

This story was written by Doris A. Pearlman, founder of Possibilities for Design, Inc., a nationally recognized, award-winning, interior design and merchandising firm based in Denver, Colorado.

In today’s marketplace, home buyers have become a study in contrasts. They’re well-traveled, adventurous and fond of the active life, but they also prize all the comforts of a well-appointed nest. They’re respectful of tradition, even as they embrace technology and change. And just as important, they value context and history, but they can’t wait to see what happens next.

At Possibilities for Design, our research tells us that today’s buyers want homes that echo their multifaceted personal style and that extend their personal stories. They’re both tailored and relaxed, flamboyant and restrained, classic but artistic. As a result, they want an urban farmhouse or an abode that’s modern traditional. In 2015, it’s all about juxtaposition and unexpected combinations.

As 2015 gains steam, we expect to see the continuation of select colors with longevity, along with the emergence of some exciting new trends, and the return of an old favorite or two.

Neutrals With Staying Power
Once again, gray is the neutral of preference—and not just in paints and throw pillows. It’s dominating surface materials and cabinetry, providing a harmonious backdrop for another design trend: graphic tiles. Count on gray to endure. Always appropriate, always tasteful, gray also enhances everything from abstract paintings to classical sculptures to state-of-the-art technology.

White remains prevalent as well. All-white kitchens and baths bring an element of simplicity to busy lives. Basic and easy, white signals freshness, which may account for its enduring popularity.

Hues of Blue
Blue—long associated with sea and sky—is not just for beach houses anymore. Homeowners are gravitating to many different blues, and for 2015, expect to see cobalt and navy. Cobalt calls to mind the unexpected—something, well, out of the blue. Navy, meanwhile, is the color of tradition and trust.

Going Green. And Staying There.
Thoughtful of the planet’s fate, homeowners continue to make aesthetic decisions that take the environment into account. They’re eager to bring the outdoors in with shades of emerald, sage, and chartreuse.

They are also interested in using resources wisely and in preserving the past. Yesterday is no longer disposable. Today’s buyers love a good story and prize a lesson learned through experience. That’s why you’ll find them gravitating to things with a previous life: to floorboards rescued from a demolished building or tables made from reclaimed woods. If these items seem weathered and worn, so much the better. That’s testimony to their resilience.

A Palette of Pastels
For several years, pastels have been eclipsed by earth and spice tones and by bold statement colors. But today, consumers are welcoming a softer, more playful approach to color schemes. Pastels are not only showing up in paints, tiles and accessories, they’re taking star turns in an array of rugs and fabrics that, with their artistic designs, summon the Impressionist painters to mind.

Pastels are a great complement to still another design trend: iridescents. In tiles and wallpaper, ephemeral iridescents add sparkle to everyday rooms. Following several years of economic turmoil, it’s perhaps no surprise that we are ready to celebrate the lighter side of life with a whiff of whimsy.

14-Carat Metallics
In appliances, hardware and fixtures, home buyers have long been partial to metallics. This preference for metallics typically signifies an appreciation for longevity and value. Metals endure, surviving fires, floods, pestilence, stock market crashes, you name it. In recent years, buyers have gravitated toward the more austere and modest finishes – nickel, chrome, and steel. In 2015, they’re going—discreetly, mind you—for the glitz. They’re going for gold.

Of all the metals, none is quite so warm and spectacular as gold. It’s festive, indulgent, and the consummate symbol of the good life. With homeowners weary of restraint, they’re looking to enliven their homes with splashes of warmth. Expect to see varying shades of gold show up in accents, lighting and plumbing fixtures, door hardware, and upholstery. No longer reserved for your grandmother’s faucet, gold is trending again, adding some Gatsby-esque glam back into our lives.

Unexpected Combinations
Along with their appreciation for quality and value, today’s buyers relish a surprise, an unexpected twist on the traditional. They’re looking for irreverent, even quirky style: sleek, modern kitchen cabinetry juxtaposed against distressed hardwood floors. A crystal chandelier hanging above a weathered picnic table. In other words, they want spaces that allow them to communicate the many facets of their personalities.

For more 2015 design trends, please visit Toll Brothers’ Design Trends board on Pinterest.

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    I like the Amherst floor plan at Hopewell Glen, but I wanted to see a layout of a model home. Are there any model homes that are similar to the Amherst. I want to get a better idea of how it looks. Thanks!

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      Hello Jenny, thank you for your comment on our Toll Talks blog – we love our Toll Brothers fans! We do not have an Amherst model home available at Hopewell Glen, New York but we can make arrangements for you to walk through a finished Amherst home in the community so that you can get a better understanding of the floor plan and layout. If you are interested, please call the Community Sales Representative, Deb Yarosh, at 845-227-3001, or visit our website for more details – We hope to see you there!

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    I am looking at the Alcott home design in Morris Chase. Are there any similar home designs that have pictures available online that I can see? I’m trying to get a sense of what the finished space would look like. Thank you!

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