Top Indoor Activities for Your Kids: A Guide to Being Snowed In

Snow days are supposed to be synonymous with fun, right? The kids are celebrating their mini vacation, yet you find yourself scrambling to call out from work and thinking about how you’re going to keep them busy for the next 24 hours. Well, drop the snow shovel and take a deep breath. Here are some ways to keep you sane and the kids entertained.

  • Snow Art – All you need is some fresh snow and paint. Don’t have paint? Fill a spray bottle with either Kool-Aid or food coloring and water. Use household items as “tools” and take the kids outside or on the back porch to see who can come up with the best snow creation.
  • Bake-Off – Choose a few cookie recipes with an ingredient list that you can cut in half so that everyone has their own unique batch. Don’t forget to make a first place ribbon and appoint a tasting judge!
  • Activity Stations – Designate a few places in the house as activity stations and pick one task for each. Choose anything from reading, to practicing an instrument, and give the kids 30 minutes at each location before they switch.
  • Exercise – There are endless ideas for in-home workouts to keep everyone, from the little ones to your teenagers, active. Find free workouts on YouTube, draw a game of hopscotch in chalk on the back porch, or introduce the family to yoga with some beginner poses. Make it extra silly by challenging the kids to find their brightest clothes for an 80s themed sweat session.
  • Board Game Remix – If you’re tired of the same old games from the closet, mix them up! Get the kids excited to outsmart the others by wagering chores. Consider ditching the game board altogether and using trivia cards throughout the day for “quick wins” (terms are up to you).
  • Scrapbooking – If you never got into the scrapbooking craze, don’t sweat it. Rather than digging up irreplaceable Polaroids, snap a few selfies with the kids and print them from your home computer. You won’t stress about the pictures getting ruined from glue spills or markers while the kids can go all out creating their own scrapbook pages.
  • Masking Tape Maze – Create a maze on the floor out of tape and get their minds working as they try to navigate through. If you have toy car lovers in the household, create tracks by laying the tape down in two parallel zig-zag lines and have a race.

And there you have it. With a little creativity (and let’s face it—an equal amount of patience) you can turn even the most unexpected snow day into a nice bonding period for you and the minis.

For more snow day activity inspiration, please visit Toll Brothers on Pinterest.

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