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In the past, the American home had a standard list of rooms – living, dining, kitchen, bed, and bath – but as time progressed, so did our homes. What we wanted in our homes overtook the bare essentials of what was needed in the homes of previous generations.

Kitchens became gathering places, craft centers, and work stations. Family rooms became home theaters and technology centers. Bedrooms became suites with sitting rooms and oasis master baths. Suddenly, homes weren’t designed to meet needs as much as they were designed to enhance and even improve quality of life.

Homeowners wanted new spaces that didn’t even have names yet. These new spaces had functions, but nobody knew exactly what to call them. Why? Because depending on the specific family and that family’s stage in life, these new spaces were being used differently by every household.

So, architects and designers officially dubbed this ever-morphing part of the home as flex space. These are the spaces in homes that enhance, function, and perform to meet the needs of the different chapters of our lives. (To learn more, please read Mary Cook’s Functional Flex Space article)

In the “Custom Wine Cellar” episode of Toll Lifestyle TV, John and Ginny show how they customized the flex space in their Toll Brothers home to fit into their lifestyle. For them, this meant finishing their basement with a bar, movie theater, and wine cellar, but for others it could mean putting in a home office, gym, or yoga studio.

That’s the beauty of flex space, it can be turned into whatever you want it to be, and it’s all based on the simple idea: Life requires us to be flexible. Your home should be, too.

With the “Design Your Own Home” feature, Toll Brothers allows home buyers to customize their new homes so that they fit into their lifestyle. Buyers are able to see what selections are included with the home design they picked and what is available as an option like adding a covered lanai, an expanded family room, or a morning kitchen. They even have the ability to add outlets, receptacles, speakers, and lights in each room. (To learn more, please read the Design Your Own Home article)

It’s important for your home to meet your wants and needs, and that’s why we think you should be able to customize it in a way that works best for you.

Please visit Toll Brothers’ Design Your Own Home website to learn more.

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  1. Ron Littlebrant

    I’m looking for a one-story 3 bedroom 3 bath home on a canal or bay between Sarasota and Naples between 2,500 and 3,500 sq. ft price range $400K to $650K with a 3 car garage, pool, and a hot tub.

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Ron, thank you for your comment and interest in Toll Brothers! We currently have three communities located near Naples, FL that are open for sale – Palazzo at Naples, Cordova at Spanish Wells, and Bonita Lakes. To learn more about these communities, please visit our website –, or contact our Florida Online Concierge Team at 844-871-7466.

  2. Jenny

    I am looking at the Montclair home design in Hopewell Junction, NY. Are there any similar home designs that have pictures available online that I can see? I’m trying to get a sense of what the finished space would look like. Thank you!

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Jenny, thank you for your comment and interest in Toll Brothers! We currently do not have any photos of a finished Montclair model home, but we understand that you are working with the sales manager, Deb Yarosh, to schedule a walk-through tour of a completed one. Please send us any further questions to Thank you!

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