The Benefits of Cooking with a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers used to be thought of as an old kitchen gadget of the past, but as Toll Brothers’ Executive Chef Cris Carter discloses in the “Toll Table: Pressure Cooker” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV, they’re making a comeback!

Yes, they are quick and easy, but they also allow for healthy options. Read what Chef Cris Carter has to say about the benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker.

“When I first started to explore and test pressure cooking, I discovered one or two very important techniques and benefits to my new found friend. Pressure cooking can be fun and safe, wonderfully efficient, and an extremely healthy way of cooking if the right practices are in place. With pressure cooking, this process extracts more flavors from the ingredients and keeps them in the pot, where they condense back into a rich, full-bodied sauce.

If you practice a healthy and balanced diet, pressure cooking techniques can elevate your experience by retaining the integrity and crunch to vegetables, keeping meats moist and delicious, and most of all, preserving their vitamin values while using less energy and increasing your family time. Dust off that old foreign pot hiding in the back of your cabinet, do a little cooking technique research, and indulge in a creative cooking style that has resurrected and opened up a whole new world of culinary experiences for the family.”

Want to cook the delicious beer can chicken from the “Toll Table: Pressure Cooker” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV? Well, now you can with this recipe!

pressure chicken

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