Kohler’s Digital Showering System Turns Bathrooms into Destinations

Toll Brothers’ partner, Kohler, introduces its most advanced showering system – DTV+.

Kohler’s DTV+ seamlessly integrates water, sound, steam, and lighting elements to create wonderful multi-sensory showering experiences. It features a new touch screen interface allowing the user to control and customize every facet of their showering experience.

The icon-based interface is intuitive and consistent with today’s popular digital devices. The new modular platform allows users to decide how they want to control their DTV+ system and to choose exactly what elements they want to incorporate. Users are now able to select from a two-outlet, three-outlet, or six-outlet digital valve to control water delivery. Bring on the water!

A further unique feature of DTV+ is the ability to add and control two valves on the system at the same time – providing the capability of delivering two different water temperatures for different outlets and showering configurations.

“The ability to deliver two different water temperatures at the same time also allowed the introduction of new spa experiences. Scripted with actual hydrotherapy techniques in mind, each experience targets specific parts of the body with different temperatures. The varying temperatures are carefully chosen to provide the most luxurious showering experience possible and were inspired by one of three themes: Relaxation, Well-Being, or Energy” says Les Petch, senior product manager for performance showering at Kohler.

Relaxation spa experiences help users unwind and de-stress from the daily grind. These experiences can be used to prepare for sleep or as the ultimate comfort shower on a cold day.

Perfect for targeting sore muscles and joints, the Well-Being spa experiences refresh and rejuvenate the user.

For intervals of hotter and cooler water that invigorate and promote focus, users can turn to the Energy spa experiences to kick start their day.

Customization options are nearly without limit. Selecting from a wide variety of rainheads, handshowers, bodysprays, and showerheads results in a completely personalized showering experience.

To learn more about DTV+, watch the “Kohler: High Tech Shower” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV.

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