Designing a Woman’s Closet with a “Wow Factor”

Shoes and handbags are highly coveted pieces of fashion, and even art. They get used, but more importantly, they get collected. That’s why a woman needs a highly fashionable space to store them. One that reflects your superlative style and is designed to show off your collection – after all, doesn’t it deserve to be showcased beautifully?

Showcasing the beauty of your collection means designing it with a “wow factor” in mind. Here are some basic starting points for making your closet a conversation piece.


  • Use angled shelves to show off each pair of shoes. This will also make for easy access.
  • Stagger your shelf heights to accommodate tall/ankle boots, heels, wedges, etc.
  • Store each pair with one facing out and one facing in. This way, you know what the shoe looks like from the front and the back. This adds not only a nice visual touch, but allows you to see heel heights and shoe style when choosing what to wear.


  • Your “star” handbags should be treated as such. Display them on the best-looking shelf you have, or place them in individual “cubbies.”
  • They should be kept upright at all times, and if possible, stuffed with paper when not in use. This will help them to stay upright and to keep their form.
  • If you own several clutch-style purses, it is a good idea to store them in clear containers. This way, they stay in-place and organized, but can still be shown off. You can even organize them by color or other visual identifiers to make a statement.
  • Stay away from hangers and hooks. They will distort the shape of your handbags. Only use hangers and hooks for short-time storage.

Finally, always remember: A beautifully displayed collection must also be expertly organized and usable.

Everything special you own should have a chance to be worn, and should be taken care of. For “wow factor” closets, there is no beauty in chaos!

Watch the “Custom Closet” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV to get a tour of an incredible shoe closet, and for more closet organizing tips, please visit Toll Brothers’ Organization board on Pinterest.

Toll Brothers’ partner ClosetMaid contributed to this story.

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