5 Simple Tips to Reclaim Your Outdoor Retreat

Judging by the return of lingering sunsets, the crisp scent of fresh cut grass, and cheerful echoes of children playing outside each evening, it looks like winter has finally gotten up and packed its bags for good.

As nature regains its color and balmy breezes beckon us outside the confines of our home, it’s about time we started sweeping the dust off of our decks, patios, and porches and reclaiming the havens of our outdoor living space.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few to escape winter’s wrath, chances are your outdoor oasis probably looks about as barren as the branches did a couple of months ago, but with these five simple tips you can easily reclaim your retreat!

  • Shake it off. If you left any outdoor mats, throw pillows, or fixtures outside during the winter months, shake and sweep away any debris so you can start with a clean space. Clean off the grill and shine up any patio furnishings that might be in need of a little TLC, too.
  • Take inventory. Check and make sure you have enough seating and table space to accommodate the number of people you wish to host in your outdoor space this summer. Should you need optional extra seating on occasion, consider incorporating a bench either as a single piece or as an attachment to a side of your deck railing.
  • Evaluate potential investments. Is your grill user friendly? Would you use this space more with a fire pit or a mounted flat screen television? Consider what the one thing you really wished you had in this space last year was and go from there. While the answer could be not to change a thing, take a moment to think about your goals for this space and if any potential upgrades are worth the investment.
  • Don’t forget the essentials. Asking your family and friends to join you for a meal under the sweltering sun doesn’t sound too inviting. Consider your source of shade, whether it’s as simple as an umbrella to shade your patio table or a fabulous cabana. And of course, remember who you share the space with, too. Citronella candles or screening may help shield your sanctuary from mosquitoes and other pesky critters.
  • Make it inviting. Add some outdoor friendly decorations. This is a great opportunity to play with the cheery colors you may not necessarily be able to use throughout the inside of your home. Incorporate some lush plants and keep your guests comfortable with outdoor ready cushions and throw pillows. Also, consider adding an outdoor rug to give the space a cozy indoor feel.

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Rachel Cobb, Online Content Management Specialist for Mohawk Flooring, contributed to this story. TLTVMaintenance

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