The Benefits of Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

New homes are constructed by a coordinated team of designers; i.e. builders, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, etc., who work together, synchronized in every detail – inside and out – to transform your house into a home.

When people think of their home, they generally think of the walls that enclose it, but it’s much more than that. Your home is your entire property, from your kitchen and living room, to your backyard and patio. By blurring the lines of what is interior and what is exterior, you increase your sense of home.

Your sense of home comes from the human experience of living there. The more time you spend living in a place, the more it feels like home. By bringing interior functions outside, you allow for your outdoor space to feel like an extension of the inside of your home.

In order for the extension to flow, it must be seamless. This can be achieved by using large sliding glass doors, continuing the interior color scheme outside, extending the interior floors, countertops, and fabrics, weather resistant of course, as well as selecting the same appliances, fixtures, and accessories outside.

Having similar living spaces outside to those you have inside also allows for a seamless transition. Consider a cooking station to prepare your meals (kitchen), a siting area to enjoy them (dining room), and a space to relax after you’re finished (living room).

The smoother your transition is from indoor to outdoor, the easier it will be for you to use the space for family gatherings, entertaining, and everyday use. Just think, you can go from your kitchen to the grill, your dining room to the patio, and your living room to the fire pit without skipping a beat.

When you have a harmonious blend between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless…and exciting!

See examples of blended indoor and outdoor spaces:

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Pat Murphy, President and CEO of Summers Murphy & Partners, Inc., contributed to this story.

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