Four Simple Steps to a Pristine Patio

After several years, weeds can sometimes infiltrate the joints between pavers, detracting from the beauty of your paver patio and becoming a maintenance headache.

With these four simple steps, you can rid your patio of weeds once and for all and restore your patio to its original pristine beauty.

STEP ONE: Weed Treatment
Treat weeds with an herbicide and allow it to set overnight to completely infiltrate the root system.


STEP TWO: Weed and Debris Removal
Using a paver cleaner and a pressure washer, cleanse pavers and remove weeds. For better results, any sand in the joints should be completely removed using a “fan” tip. Allow to completely dry.


STEP THREE: Refill Joints
Refill the paver joints with polymeric sand. Brush the sand into the joints with a push broom. Remove all excess sand from the pavers with a power blower. Be sure to wear proper eye protection and dust mask to avoid injury. Activate the sand by gently spaying the entire surface with water. Allow to cure overnight.


STEP FOUR: Seal Pavers
Using a brush or a roller, start in a back corner and apply paver sealer to pavers, working your way out. Use light strokes and be careful to keep large amounts of sealer from building up in one location. Allow to cure for a full day before resuming regular traffic.

Sealing stone pavers

Your paver patio should now be weed free for years to come. Be sure and sweep your paver patio regularly to avoid dirt build up and keep your patio looking its best.

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  1. Aria Wellington

    Some friends of ours were re-sealing their patio a few days ago and they had some sealant build up in one area which is something that you advise against. We are going to be applying some concrete and finish up our patio in the next few weeks so I have been looking at some different ways to keep it “pristine.” I had heard of all of these methods apart from the polymeric sand. Do you know where you can get that material?

    1. Toll Brothers

      Hello Aria, thank you for your comment and interest in Toll Brothers! We advise that you speak with your landscaper or a local landscape expert that can review and help guide you on your specific situation.

  2. Danni Black

    My husband and I have been working on our patio for a while now. We have been thinking about getting some water fountains to put around the yard and add some character to the environment! We will have to keep these tips in mind for the future so our patio can look its best, thanks for sharing!

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