Summer is the Time to Savor the Flavor

Summer is the perfect time to heat up the grill, cook delicious food, and enjoy it with your friends and family, not only because the weather is great, but also because the produce is the freshest.

In the “Shrimp, Arugula…and Sensate!” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV, Chef Ulrich Koberstein cooks savory shrimp on the grill with sweet chili sauce, and serves it on flatbread.

Here is the full recipe:


Cooking can be messy, especially when you are moving food from inside the kitchen to outside on the grill. Fortunately for Chef Koberstein, this was a NO-MESS dish thanks to the Kohler® Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet.

The Sensate™ faucet is equipped with superior touchless Response™ technology, a state-of-the-art sensor that responds to movement in 20 milliseconds for consistent and reliable on/off operation, and with an activation area strategically placed on the underside of the spout, use is precise and natural; you can simply wave your hand, cup, or kitchen utensil through the activation area to start or halt waterflow. This technology is particularly useful when you are cooking with raw meat or seafood, and want to avoid cross contamination.

Watch our most popular episode, “Shrimp, Arugula…and Sensate,” here:

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