2 Kitchen Islands, Twice the Fun

Often times, we find ourselves saying “bigger is better,” and that is especially true when it comes to cabinet and counter space in the kitchen. Kitchen islands have become popular because they give us more. They give us more countertops, more storage, and more room to entertain…but why stop there!

A new trend in the kitchen is not only having one kitchen island, but two. As expert designer Travis Rotelli says in the “Island Sinks and Trends” episode of Toll Lifestyle TV, dual islands are trending in the kitchen, and for good reason. They’re beautiful, functional, and a natural gathering space for family and friends.

Tim Gehman, Toll Architecture Design Director, said with the right layout and enough space, two islands can improve workflow and entertainment in the kitchen. “The first island is typically considered the working island, and is used to prepare meals. The sink and dishwasher are normally found at this island, along with pots, pans, and cooking utensils,” said Gehman.

The second island is usually considered the entertaining island, and is used to socialize and enjoy meals. The chairs and/or stools are commonly placed around this island, along with the serving dishes and utensils. The entertaining island may also have a small sink.

In the “Island Sinks and Trends” episode, Travis mentions two types of sinks that could be used for the different islands. The first, Kohler’s® Prolific™ Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, is a uniquely designed sink featuring multiple tiers to rest cutting boards, colanders, or even a drying rack. This makes for a great meal preparation sink, and perfect for your working island.

The second, Kohler’s Undertone™ Trough Kitchen Sink, is a stainless steel sink with a single-basin, ideal for filling with ice to chill beverages (watch the “Wine Serving Secrets” episode on Toll Lifestyle TV to see how long you should chill wine). The trough sink enhances the entertainment experience, while also providing convenience and functionality.

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