New home, new school, more fun!

Finding the right neighborhood is an important aspect to consider when buying a new home. There are many qualities in a neighborhood that can make your time living there exponentially better. So what exactly do you have to look for?

First and foremost, picking a neighborhood in a location that fits your needs is crucial. Do you have children? If so, finding a neighborhood that is within reach of the best schools in the area is a necessity.

In the “New School” episode of Toll Lifestyle TV, Guillermo and Patricia are excited for their daughters to kick off the new school year in a new school. In addition to the school being top-rated, it is also located just a short walking distance away from their new Toll Brothers home at Preserve at Jordan Ranch.

With a new school and a new home in a new community, Guillermo and Patricia understand that there are a lot of changes to come, but having good neighbors and a sense of community can make a world of difference. Friends for your children to play with, someone to look after your plants while you’re away, and people who you can trust are all things that should not be overlooked when choosing a neighborhood to build your new home.

In the “Birthday Party” episode of Toll Lifestyle TV, Rick and Mai invite their neighbors, as well as their daughter’s friends from school, over to their new Toll Brothers home to celebrate her fifth birthday. The close-knit feel of the community at The Pinnacle at Moorpark Highlands makes getting together to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions fun and carefree!

At Toll Brothers, we pride ourselves on building more than luxury homes, we build communities. We are strong believers in building communities that are located in the best neighborhoods with the top schools.

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