Easy prep, delicious taste – Mussels with Chorizo (as seen on Toll Lifestyle TV)

As delicious as mussels are, most people tend to shy away from recipes that include them because they can be tricky to cook. But not anymore, thanks to Chef Ulrich’s tips on Toll Lifestyle TV!

In the “Toll Table: Mussels and Chorizo” episode, Chef Ulrich explains the importance of cooking with live mussels, and negates the myth that open mussels are dead mussels. He demonstrates that if you tap an open mussel on its side and it closes, its alive! Once that’s confirmed, next, you must debeard the mussel, and then wash them.

Chef Ulrich washes his mussels in the Kohler Vault stainless steel kitchen sink. Handcrafted from stainless steel, the Vault sink brings bold new style to the traditional farmhouse sink. The tightly angled corners maximize basin space, and the lowered divider (Smart Divide) offers freedom of movement between basins; increasing workspace and versatility.

See Chef Ulrich and the Kohler Vault sink in action on this episode of Toll Lifestyle TV:

To learn more about the Kohler Vault stainless steel kitchen sink, please visit Kohler.com.

Here is the Mussels with Choizo recipe:


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