Perks of an In-Home Gym

With the New Year comes new resolutions… what is it that you would like to accomplish in 2016?
Is it getting physically fit? If so, Toll Brothers has you covered!

With the flex space in a new Toll Brothers home, you can fit an in-home gym into your lifestyle. It is perfect for a stay-at-home mom, the early riser, and anyone who wants to get in shape.

Here are a few benefits of turning your flex space into an in-home gym:

  1. Privacy. Work out by yourself, with a friend or family member, or even hire a private/personal trainer.
  2. Access. No traveling required, the convenience of your own kitchen for a pre or post-workout snack, and access anytime. Also, no paying for a gym membership that you may or may not use.
  3. Faster. Your workout will move much quicker. No more waiting for someone to finish on a machine or to use a particular dumbbell/bar/weight.
  4. Purchase your own equipment. Set up the equipment exactly the way you want, purchase only what equipment you are going to use, and focus on your goals.
  5. Parent friendly. Perfect for parents, it is great to get the little one(s) down for a nap and go work out. This way there is no need for a sitter and you can complete your workout without rushing.
  6. Trending. Fitness is becoming more and more wide spread amongst all age groups.

That’s the beauty of flex space – you have the ability to create your perfect gym atmosphere right at your fingertips, and with the help of the “Design Your Own Home” website, it’s never been easier!

Toll Brothers’ Design Your Own Home tool allows home buyers to customize their homes to fit into their lifestyle. To learn more please visit the website.

This story combines tips from both Paul Wantuck, Fitness Director at Belmont Country Club and Pam Del Pizzo, Toll Golf Division Analyst. 

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