2016 Design Trends: Personalized space

Lisa Kells, Director of Design for Toll Brothers’ design partner CDC Designs,
an award-winning interior design firm in Costa Mesa, California,
contributed to this story.

One of the most exciting trends in home design to emerge has been the wide availability and accessibility of options for buyers to customize their home to suit their family’s specific needs; creating a personalized space makes a dream home a reality.

A sophisticated approach to personalizing a home means it’s not overly-themed but each room or space has a unique memory point or wow factor. This can be as simple as a paint detail, wall paneling or a custom light fixture. Taking this a step further, we examine how a family would actually use each space and design around that lifestyle.

Selecting appliances and designing a kitchen to accommodate trends such as dual refrigerators, wine fridges, prep kitchens, and convection-steam ovens. Custom cabinet finishes and open shelving with mini spotlighting as opposed to traditional upper cabinets creates a beautiful and functional space.

Today’s ‘smart home’ features really change the way we live, from energy efficiency and security to audio/visual and media connectivity… the ‘Genius Bar’ concept, a tech support station located inside Apple retail stores, can be brought into our own homes!

Flexible Spaces
Casual, open spaces with multiple functions have replaced the formal rooms of the past. Large, family-focused areas with hobbies and homework in mind, ‘super-laundry’ rooms, relaxed gathering spaces with media, games, and books promote togetherness.

Oversized sectional sofas in family areas, a place where the whole family can grab a pillow and lounge while reading or watching a movie. Organic woods and live-edge furnishings are still on trend as well as metallics in lighting fixtures, frames, and accessories.

Color Schemes
Complementing the exterior vernacular of the home with a complex neutral color palette in the flooring, countertops, cabinets, and paint is a timeless style that can be accented with color in the furnishings, art, and decor.

Designer’s note: Endless possibilities are not meant to be overwhelming. The goal of many of today’s trends in home design are to simplify our daily routines to allow for more time to do the things we enjoy in a space that reflects our personal style.

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