2016 Design Trends: Kitchen and bath trends from Kohler

Toll Brothers’ vendor partner Kohler, a multifaceted global family of
brands that lead the way in kitchen and bath, contributed to this story.

Happy 2016! It’s that time again, when we all tend to look forward and imagine what the next twelve months might bring. In talking with Carrie Seymour and Lisa Tsai, consumer insights experts at Kohler, we discovered a few new trends for the kitchen and bathroom, and several established trends that are still going strong.

Trending in the Kitchen

As the family dynamic continues to evolve and a greater number of working couples are sharing household chores, kitchen design is becoming more gender neutral and designers are finding additional ways to accommodate multiple cooks.

Forecasting how this will transform the kitchen space, we would expect soft browns and grays to make their way into kitchen color palettes. Neutral colors and patterns that don’t skew either female or male and feel universally welcoming will enjoy an uptick in popularity for the kitchen.

And to keep all the cooks in the kitchen happy when things heat up, homeowners will be keen on having a second prep area with its own sink and faucet combo. This is especially true as the kitchen continues to function as the gathering and entertaining place for family and friends.

The contemporary kitchen sporting a farmhouse sink is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. While apron-front sink designs have been updated with sleek profiles and stainless options for today’s kitchens, there’s no doubt this iconic design evokes a simpler time. Perhaps then, it’s no surprise that as the farm-to-table movement spreads across the country, the farmhouse sink enjoys renewed homeowner appreciation as well.

Trending in the Bathroom

Technology is an undeniable force in the home space today, and we don’t foresee that changing in 2016. If anything, new applications will bring technology into spaces we didn’t anticipate and shape our interactions with those spaces in new ways. That goes for the bathroom, too.

Digital showering taps into our desire to control our environments at the touch of button. Platforms such as DTV+ that allow homeowners to bring water, steam, sound, and light together in one space and control everything from one interface will be especially appealing to those who want the option of staying connected while we unwind. To learn more about Kohler’s DTV+, read our Digital Showering blog.

Dual workspaces will be trending in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Double vanities and sinks are already fairly standard in the bathroom, but in 2016 we expect to see that same mindset of “separate but together” carried into the showering space. Homeowners will be more likely to invest in making the showering space of the master bath not only spa-like, but also a shared space with two of everything.

Freestanding bathtubs will remain a favorite in bathroom design. Even though custom showers have surpassed bathtubs on the list of bathroom priorities, freestanding baths offer stunning designs and a bathing experience fans of deep soaking can’t resist.

We’ll be updating our exploration of home design trends throughout 2016. We invite you to follow along by visiting our Design Trends board on Pinterest, and following the hashtag #2016DesignTrends on social media.

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