House Warming Gifts for Neighbors

Do you have a new neighbor moving in next door or across the street? If so, it’s always nice to make them feel welcome in the community by dropping by with a housewarming gift. The following are a few ideas that we love to get you started!

A small gift basket any foodie will enjoy – Bring over an artisanal food basket full of crackers, jams, cheeses and olive oil from local shops in your neighborhood. Is there a great winery nearby? Throw in a bottle of local wine.

A potted plant – A colorfil plant is a nice, inexpensive gift that will help bring a natural touch to your neighbor’s home decor. It’s also something that won’t get in the way – they can use the potted plant in pretty much any room of the house.

A coffee table book – You’re probably wondering what kind of book to buy if you have no idea who your neighbors are and what they like. The solution? Try a book from your city or of a landmark within your town.

A board game – By giving them a fun board game, you also give them an incentive to invite you over for an evening to play that board game. It’s a great way to have some fun while getting to know your new neighbors.

These are just a few tips of our favorite ways to welcome new neighbors! What are yours? Share with us in the comment. Check out our online video channel, Toll Lifestyle TV, to see how much fun neighbors within our Toll Brothers communities have when they get together. It all started with friendly neighbors becoming friends… a housewarming gift could have started it all!

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