Harnessing Childhood Imagination to Create our Favorite Retreats from Man Caves to She Sheds and More

Little children imagine their own personal hideaways in one form or another. A castle in a kingdom. A boat on the ocean. A tent, pitched neatly atop a distant mountain. Whatever it looks like, kids want to picture it bigger and better until the image in their mind is sheer perfection.

Fast forward and we as adults are living out that childhood dream in the here and now. The Man Cave and the She Shed are two distinctive lifestyle trends that have emerged in modern society. These sanctuaries offer individuals a secluded spot to pursue their interests and the locations can vary.

Man Caves: For Him

This original male retreat is your domain. It is your space, because it represents you. Wherever your imagination can race, gentlemen, your man cave can meet you there. The design theme revolves around your activities, hobbies, and interests. It should include whatever is idiosyncratic of you: sports, entertainment, music, carpentry, bodybuilding, gaming, or weight training. You have several location options from which to create your domain. You can plan and construct your Man Cave in a basement, garage, backyard area, room addition, or a small separate edifice. This personal preserve reflects your character. You and your friends will enjoy the relaxing and stress-free atmosphere of your Man Cave.

She Sheds: For Her

Typically designed as a space for relaxation, She Sheds are truly an oasis typically in your own backyard but they don’t have to be – a she shed can be a retreat anywhere in your house. She Sheds are feminine retreats. This is your sanctum. You decide its purpose. Will your She Shed inspire literary excellence? Will you paint or sculpt the next masterpiece? Or perhaps your personal preserve will be a fitness gym. Color scheme and décor choices reflect your timeless elegance and style. The setting of your escape will be a constant source of peace and joy. She Sheds are as varied as your imagination. If you can dream it, ladies, you can have that space of your own you’ve always dreamed of!

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