Turning Your Home Inside Out

This story was written by Ericka Moody, Chief Creative Officer of Toll Brothers’
design partner Design Line Interiors.

Everyone hangs out on patios, verandas, courtyards, decks, and California Rooms almost all year round. Areas that used to be basic, uninspiring, and utilitarian (especially as an interior designer), are now attracting the neighbors. Retail sources are selling everything from rugs to lighting to artwork, much of which has evolved over the past few years from mediocre or non-existent to attractive, affordable, and fashionable. As designers, it is thrilling to see what is evolving in the world of exterior swag.

  • Lighting – more and more vendors are adding great looking “damp listed” lighting into their catalogs, allowing designers and homeowners to think of lighting the outdoor spaces as they would the indoor spaces, with chandeliers, sconces and even floor and table lamps. Some of our favorite sources are:
  • Outdoor rugs, pillows, poufs, draperies, and different types of furnishings, such as slipcovered upholstered furniture – things that were always limited to the indoors. 

  • Outdoor kitchens & bars – with more and more homes incorporating folding or sliding doors, the transition from indoor to outdoor is disappearing. Kitchen countertops are flowing into exterior bars, where the family can hop up on a stool and socialize with the cooks in the kitchen. Also, outdoor kitchens complete with full appliances and cooking amenities such as BBQs, Evo grills, wine fridges, and beer taps are all the rage. Especially in areas with year-round beautiful weather, there’s no reason to make dinner inside when you can do the whole thing outside while the kids are swimming and the sun is setting. 

    • Fun new products: 

      • Brown Jordan Mobile Bartending Cart & Mobile Evo Grill Cart

  • Outdoor Art is one of the most exciting newer categories of outdoor living trends. In recent years past, outdoor art has been very limited in color, size and style. If we needed something for an outdoor space wall, our choices were limited to an iron gate or three-dimensional object, because there was just nothing we would even consider to complement our interior design. But that has changed very rapidly, as vendors have wised up to the need for large scaled, colorful attractive outdoor artwork. Here are a few of our favorite sources:

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