Update Your Homes Curb Appeal for a Better Sell

Looking to sell your old home and need that extra little pep to get you started? It is easy! Toll Landscape is here to give you a few tips so you can get out of the old and into your new Toll Brothers home faster.

  1. Clean up your yard – To start, make sure to clear away any overgrown weeds, and dead foliage, and prune shrubbery, trees, and hedges. Mulch the flowerbeds and stick with dyed black mulch to keep your flowerbeds looking its best – other mulch colors will not last as long. Last but not least, keep your lawn nice and neat by mowing it regularly.
  2. Variety of plants – Spruce up your flowerbed with plants and fresh flowers, always remember to plant in odd numbers, and be sure to add a mixture of large, medium, and small plants.
  3. Placement of your plants – Plant flowers in a ring around a tree. Know if the plants prefer sun or shade before adding to your flowerbed. Plant trees along your driveway, but make sure they are far enough away so there is no overhang. Add trees to the side of the home to soften the transition to the backyard. When deciding on what types of trees to plant, keep in mind that Evergreen trees are great all year round!
  4. Lighting – Light up your pathway from the driveway to the front door, a well executed lighting plan is important for the home not only for safety purposes, but it also shows off your home at night.
  5. Hardscape – Very important to future homeowners. It is what everyone can see from the street, so make sure your walkway to the front door is nice and neat. Add piers with lighting, put up a new mailbox, and enhance your walkway to the front door with pavers.

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Mark Culichia, President of Toll Landscape, contributed to this story.

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