Sell Your Home Quick with 4 Professional Photo Tips

Discovering your dream home is an exciting moment in your life. It could also be the perfect opportunity to sell your older home to someone who will cherish it as much as you did. Ron Blunt, a world-renowned photographer, reveals some tips on how to photograph the best elements of your interior layout that can both appeal to buyers and accelerate the selling process. Here are four great techniques that can show off your property in a positive light. Your new Toll Brothers home awaits.

Sunlight and Exposure

Before the shoot, walk through your home to determine the best time of day to photograph each room. Generally, when capturing the interior, Ron recommends snapping photos at dusk, about two hours before sunset to one hour after sunset.

At this time, the natural light filtering through your windows is equal to the light inside of your home. This is a great opportunity to produce beautiful stills that capture the best features of the space. If you take photos during the daytime, you risk the chance of the windows appearing overexposed and glaring, aka “blown out,” which can affect the quality of the image, and overall look of the space when posting online.


Enhance depth and grandeur by incorporating angles into your photography technique. Take photos from different vantage points, for example standing as far back in the room as possible while centering yourself. This is one method of how you can produce a straight-on-view that enhances the scope of your larger spaces, such as a living room or kitchen.

Alternatively, consider snapping photos from a corner of the room. Positioning yourself in this way helps prospective buyers see the entire space, and you can always incorporate focal points like furniture groupings or accents to draw attention to the rooms’ great features. When you use this technique, it provides buyers with a 360-degree view of the different areas in your home such as the study, family room, or flex area. Potential homebuyers will be excited to visit and purchase your property in no time!

It’s All in the Details

Rooms with reflective surfaces and awkward entrances, which are generally seen in bathrooms, can be a bit tricky to photograph. One remedy to showcasing this space is to compile a series of photos into vignettes. Accentuate the room by highlighting the tiny details like embellished fixtures, the vanity, and shower. Your prospective buyers will appreciate seeing these features before they look at your property in person.

Finishing Touches

When your project is completed, consider editing your photos using cropping tools or color adjustments. If you are just posting to real estate websites like, low-resolution images are fine; otherwise, you’ll want to stick to high-resolution for print applications. Hiring a good architectural photographer is definitely worth it if you are looking to sell your home quickly.

In the meantime, our Toll Brothers team is ready to assist you in finding, designing, and purchasing your new dream home, in a community that’s perfect for your lifestyle. For more on how to find and design the home of your dreams, visit our Design Your Own Home tool and for a list of communities in your area. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest accounts for your next design inspiration.

Ron Blunt, an award-winning architectural photographer and his wife Keleigh Swan,  an accomplished art director, stylist, and creative contributed to this story. Together, they run a busy studio serving the design industry. Their work has been featured in LUXE, Traditional Home, Home & Design, Veranda, and Architectural Digest.

Photo Credit: Ron Blunt Architectural Photography

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